Course Descriptions - Department of Finance

FIN 1300 Personal Finance (3)
Evaluation and structure of a lifetime personal finance program. Financial strategies, alternatives and problems for small investors. Insurance, real estate, estate planning, portfolio investments. Course can not be applied towards the finance major but may be used as a free elective.

FIN 3310 Management of Corporate Finance I (3)
Principles and procedures of finance and their applications to typical management decisions. Financial analysis and planning with emphasis on the procurement and allocation of funds and the concept of the risk-return trade-off.
Prerequisite: ACCT 2200.

FIN 3311 Management of Corporate Finance II (3)
Further application of financial principles with emphasis on long-term management decisions. Maximizing the value of the firm under conditions of risk and uncertainty, through optimal budgeting of capital and use of least-cost funds.
Prerequisite: Fin 3310.

FIN 3320 Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statements (3)
A study of the techniques applied in preparing, analyzing and interpreting the financial statements of industrial and commercial business enterprises. Published statements of business concerns will be discussed and analyzed. Course is designed for both accounting and non-accounting majors.
Prerequisites: ACCT 2210 and Fin 3310.

FIN 3350 International Business Finance (3)
Examines the circumstances under which a business firm operates and finances its activities in a multinational environment. Management, finance and investment problems peculiar to foreign operations. The political environment; investment and incentives for foreign expansion; the financial activities of the multinational corporation and the continuing evolution of this form of organization.
Prerequisite: Fin 3310 , 3311.
Writing Emphasis Course

FIN 4300  Investment and Portfolio Management
This course studies the basic principles of investments suitable for individuals and for business organizations. It covers in detail topics such as analysis and valuation of securities, issues of market efficiency and behavioral finance, derivatives, and the creation and management of security portfolios.
Prerequisite: FIN 3310, FIN 3311, FIN 3340

FIN  4310  Financial Institutions and Markets
The course examines the role of financial markets and institutions in the economy, and the effects of the Federal Reserve Bank’s monetary and regulatory policies. The course focuses on the working of various financial market sectors, financial institutions and the interaction between users and financial markets. Topics include interest rates and term structure, money and capital markets, financial innovations, asset and liability management, credit risk, international financial markets, currency markets and the management of currency risks.
Prerequisite: FIN 3310, ECO 3020
Writing Emphasis Course

FIN 4320 Capital Budgeting Management (3)
Theoretical and analytical skills applied to the study of capital budgeting are developed and explored. The interrelationship between financing and investment decisions are examined. A comprehensive examination of current techniques and tools required for the capital budgeting analysis are explored.
Prerequisite: Fin 3310, 3311.

FIN 4330 Working Capital Management (3)
Current techniques used to manage corporate cash, accounts receivable, and inventories are explored. The analytical tools and skills needed to manage corporate short-term investments and financing are developed and examined.
Prerequisite: Fin 3310,3311.

FIN 4500 Seminar in Selected Topics in Finance (3)
The course surveys areas in economics and/or finance influenced by contemporary developments in the disciplines that result from changes in the economy, technology or methodological breakthroughs.
Prerequisites: Fin 3310 ,3311 plus two additional 3000 or 4000 level finance elective.

FIN 4801-4806 Cooperative Education Finance (1-6)
Students will take one or two semesters of off-campus, on-the-job training in various aspects of finance and/or economics. Interrelationships between theory and practice will be emphasized. No more than six (6) credits in co-op education can be used within the major.
Prerequisites: Juniors and seniors majoring in finance and subject to approval by faculty advisor.


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