Course Descriptions - Department of Health Information Management

HIM 2010 Information Resources for Health Information Management (1)

Introductory course covering information resource tools and strategies for developing information literacy. Uses involve library references, computerized search engines, Internet applications, and benchmarking with professional associations. Student self-assessments for measuring information literacy are developed and objectives set for graduates of the HIM Program (1 hr. lec.)
Prerequisite: Health Information intended majors or acceptance into the Health Information management Program or permission of instructor.

HIM 3013 Medical Terminology (3)
Word formation, derivations, and meanings of medical terms related to medical specialties, health services, and health related fields with application in the transcription of medical reports. (2 hr. lec./2 hr. lab)
Corequisite: BIO 2402 or permission of instructor.

HIM 3113 Legal Aspects of Medical Records (3)
A study of the importance of medical records as legal documents. Includes the legal aspects of hospital and medical staff organization, release of information and legal actions requiring evidence from medical records. (3 hr. lec./0 hr. lab.)

HIM 3126 Development and Retention of Medical Records (4)

A comprehensive study of the development and content, the technical evaluation and completion, and retention and storage of health records in acute care and non-acute care settings. (2 hr. lec./4 hr. lab.)
Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Health Information Management Program.

HIM 3212 Health Statistics (3)
A comprehensive study of the principles of statistics applied to health data. Includes vital and other health statistics. (3 hr. lec.)
Prerequisite: Math 1016.

HIM 3300 Introduction to Coding (3)
A course designed to introduce the student to concepts of medical coding utilizing classification systems such as the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and HCFAs Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS). Also included are issues related to reimbursement and compliance with regulatory guidelines. (3 hr. lec.)
Prerequisite: Admission to Health Information Management Program or permission of instructor.

HIM 3413 Disease Pathology I (3)
An in-depth study of disease processes which affect the human body with applications to the operation of a medical information system. (3 hr. lec./0 hr. lab.)
Prerequisites: BIO 2402.

HIM 3423 Disease Pathology II (3)
Continuation of Disease Pathology I, with emphasis on diseases of individual organs. (3 hr. lec./0 hr. lab.)
Prerequisite: HIM 3413.

HIM 3612 Directed Practice I (1.5)
Supervised learning experiences in health information departments chosen according to the standards of the American Health Information Management Association. One eight hour day per week for first 10 weeks of semester. (0 hr. lec./8 hr. lab.)
Prerequisite: HIM 3300, HIM 3113 and HIM 3126.

HIM 3613 Directed Practice II (.5)
Supervised learning experiences in non-hospital health care facilities. (8 hr. lab.)
Prerequisite: HIM 3613.

HIM 4312 Performance Improvement in Health Care - WE (3)
This course deals with performance improvement in the health care setting. Students learn about the history of quality assurance, traditional quality programs and why they failed. Quality Improvement, its philosophies, techniques and methods are explored in theory and application relating to a hospital-wide and health information management department quality improvement activities. Licensing and accreditation agencies and requirements for quality programs are also explored. (2 hr. lec./2 hr. lab.)
Prerequisites: HIM 4518.
Writing Emphasis Course

HIM 4411 Computer Based Health Systems (3)
A study in the planning, analysis and selection of computer systems and information processing concepts in the allied health professions and in the setting of health care facilities. (3 hr. lec./0 hr. lab.)
Prerequisite: CPS 1231.

HIM 4518 Organization and Management in Health Information Management (4)
The application of the principles of management and human resources as they apply to health information management and health care settings. (3 hr. lec./2 hr. lab.)
Prerequisite: MGS 2030, MGS 3030 and HIM 3612.

HIM 4521 Problem Solving Using Computer Software Applications (2)

An overview of the capabilities and limitation of four software applications: presentation software, spreadsheets, statistical analysis packages, and relational databases. From multiple administrative and clinical case studies students are asked to select and use the most appropriate type of software for analyzing, problem solving and presenting information from each study. (1 hr. lec./2 hr. lab.)
Prerequisite: HIM 4411.

HIM 4522 Research in Health Information Management (3)
Introduction to independent research. Includes a research project within the Health Information profession. (2 hr. lec./2 hr. lab.)
Prerequisites: HIM 3212.

HIM  4536 Health Care Finance  (3)
Application course that explores the role of health information managers in the financial decision-making process within a healthcare organization, including reimbursement methodologies, revenue cycle management and budgeting.
Prerequisite: HIM 4518 and ACCT 2200. Corequisite: HIM 4521.

HIM 4614 Management Affiliation (4)
Supervised learning experience with the registered health information administrator and or department head of an affiliated health care facility to gain experience in Health Information Management. (0 hr. lec./8 hr. lab.)


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