Course Descriptions - Information Technology

TECH 1100 Technology Systems (3)
Explores the systems approach to Technology using the input, process, output, feedback and control model. Problem analysis and solution activities will investigate materials, processes, resources, organizations, and products as they apply to the subsystems of construction, manufacturing, communication, and energy/power/ transportation.

TECH 1010 Information Technology Foundations (3)
Fundamental concepts, skills, and capabilities of information technology; human-computer interface; the basics of networking; the world wide web; digitizing information and multimedia; principles of computer operation; privacy and digital security; database fundamentals; computational thinking fundamentals.
Prerequisite: None.

TECH 1500 Data Communications Technology (4)
This course will cover a broad range of technical topics from the nature of data and data transmission systems to protocols and data networks. Hands-on laboratory experiences will be a major component of this course.
Prerequisite: None.

TECH 2410 Computer Animation (3)
The detailed study of complex solids modeling, parametric design, animation of objects and mechanisms in virtual space.
Prerequisite: TECH 1010 or CPS 1231.

TECH 2504 Digital Circuits and Systems (4)
A study of digital circuits and systems. Introduces number system and Boolean Algebra topics. Digital circuits and systems are designed and analyzed. Topics covered are: logic gates, Flip-Flops, registers, counters, memories, synchronous and asynchronous sequential networks, state machines. The design of combinational logic networks sequential machines will be the primary focus of this course. Special emphasis will be placed on techniques essential to the design of state machines.
Prerequisite: TECH 1500.

TECH 2740 Database Concepts and Applications (3)
Fundamental concepts and standards for database management systems; database design; database implementation; storage and performance considerations; application of database management systems.
Prerequisite: CPS 2231.

TECH 2900 Preparation of Technical Documents (3)
Writing experience for technical/business related fields. Content will include instruction and experience in writing resumes, frequently used communications, technical reports and specifications.
Prerequisite: ENG 1030.
Writing Emphasis Course

TECH 2920 Computers in Technology (3)
An introductory course covering a broad array of the operational characteristics of modern microcomputers and their application in the improvement of productivity in the work place, and the solution of complex problems in various industrial and business settings.
Prerequisites: CPS 1031 or CPS 1231.

TECH 2925 Web Client-Side Programming (3)
Fundamental concepts and standards for web client-side development. Design and development of client-side web pages using eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Document Object Model (DOM), Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) and web browsers.
Prerequisite: CPS 2231.

TECH 3200 Design Fundamentals (3)
An investigation of the basic aspects and the traditional concepts of design and of their implication to contemporary design.
Prerequisite: CPS 2231

TECH 3201 Model Design (3)
Planning, material selection and fabrication techniques of model making and their concurrent relationships to the total design process.
Prerequisite: TECH 3200.

TECH 3220 Computer Aided Design I (3)
This course presents a comprehensive introduction to methods and applications of computer aided design systems. Emphasis is placed in the use of CAD hardware and software for automating the design processes and implementing the CAD into planning, costing, database design, productivity and automated production.
Prerequisite: TECH 1010.

TECH 3230 Computer Aided Design II (3)
This course presents advanced techniques using computer aided design software on a micro-based system. Emphasis is placed on menu macros, customizing for 3-D, script files, and an introduction to AutoLISP programming.
Prerequisite: TECH 3220.

TECH 3250 Advanced CAD (3)
This course presents a comprehensive introduction to the methods and applications of surface, wire and solids modeling using 2D as well as 3D CAD software. Emphasis is placed in the use of the newly emerging expert systems approach to CAD through applications of artificial intelligence and automated design generation Techniques.
Prerequisite: TECH 3220.

TECH 3510 Microprocessor Theory, Applications and Interfacing (4)
An introduction to 16-bit microprocessor architecture with special emphasis upon the Intel 8086/88 microprocessor family. Assembly language programming, design and interfacing techniques will be covered.
Prerequisite: TECH 2504.

TECH 3520 Networking Essentials (3)
The function and structure of networking communication protocols, TCP/IP architecture, operational characteristics and design of Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs), and the operation and purpose of internetworking devices will be covered in this course.
Prerequisite: TECH 2504.

TECH 3525 Introduction to UNIX/Linux (3)
This course designed for the technologist who needs to become a proficient user of computer systems with UNIX or Linux operating systems. Emphasis will be placed on hand-on laboratory assignments, which will reinforce classroom lectures.
Prerequisite: TECH 2504 and CPS2231.

TECH 3601 New Media Programming I (3)
Fundamental concepts and standards for new media development; design and implementation processes; navigational strategies; time-driven and event-driven models of interaction; incorporating graphics, text, video, sound, animation and interactivity.
Prerequisite: TECH 2925 and TECH3525.

TECH 3602 New Media Programming II (3)
Advanced concepts for new media development; advanced programming constructs; XML and database integration; custom component design and development; security.
Prerequisite: TECH 2740 or CPS 3740, and TECH3601.

TECH 3640 Virtual and Augmented Reality (3)
Fundamental concepts of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies; hardware devices and software tools; building virtual worlds.
Prerequisite: CPS 2231.

TECH 3650 Introduction to Game Development (3)
Fundamental concepts related to computer/video game design and development; hardware devices and software tools of game development; game industry; mathematics, physics, and psychology of games; game engines, graphics, rendering, modeling, and the user interface of games.
Prerequisite: CPS 2231

TECH 4181 Independent Study in Industrial Education (3)
Industrial Education majors are given the opportunity to develop independent projects or research studies in their field. Each student is expected to initiate an independent program of study under the close supervision of a faculty member. Student is responsible for the plan of work, its accomplishment and suitable presentation at completion of course. Hours to be arranged by student and instructor; study shall involve a minimum of 135 clock hours of classroom and/or laboratory work. Enrollment is by permission of advising faculty member and in compliance with University policy concerning independent study.

TECH 4182 Independent Study in Industrial Education II (3)
A continuation of TECH 4181.

TECH 4210 Design Application (3)
Application of basic design principles in the construction of a series of three-dimensional forms.
Prerequisite: TECH 3200.

TECH 4211 Senior Design Studio Seminar (3)
A studio workshop course for advanced design students. The course involves an individually tailored design project undertaken from initial concepts through the necessary implication and installation details.
Prerequisites: Completion of 30 semester hours in Technology at the 2000 level or above.

TECH 4425 CIM Programming and Database (3)
Application of modern object oriented computer programming and database management Techniques in solving computer integrated design and manufacturing. Development of user interfaces, algorithms, database management using standard relational databases and interface to World Wide Web/Internet/ Intranet.
Prerequisites: TECH 2740.

TECH 4440 Robotics (3)
Comprehensive study of robotics technology and application of industrial robots. Students are introduced to different robotics programming methodologies. Motion planning, simulation, and experimental projects are essential components of the course work.
Prerequisite: TECH 2504, TECH 3525 and CPS 2231.

TECH 4513 Senior Project Seminar in Technology (3)
Students will utilize appropriate research, analysis and design tools required to solve a technical problem related to their major technical area of (networking, electronics, telecommunications, etc.). The major intent of this course is to provide the students with the opportunity to synthesize what they have learned in all their technical courses, and solve a timely “real world” problem. Students will produce a working model or prototype of their solution to the technical problem.
Prerequisites: Completion of 30 semester hours in Technology at the 2000 level or above.

TECH 4524 Internetworking: Switches and Routers (3)
This course enhances the learner's theoretical and practical knowledge of the use of switches and routers in local area networks. Hands-on practical experiences will be emphasized throughout this course. (2 hr. lec./ 2 hr. lab).
Prerequisite: TECH 3520.

TECH 4525 Digital Signal Processing (3)
A practical approach to the analysis and design of infinite impulse response, finite impulse response, continuous time, linear, and time invariant filters. Laboratory experimentation and computer simulation of digital filters will be emphasized.
Prerequisites: TECH 2504, MATH 2411.

TECH 4527 Networking & Administration of PC (3)
Designed to provide student with classroom and laboratory experiences covering the configuration and management of network client and servers. Student will set up operational Windows and UNIX/Linux computer networks (2 hr. lec./ 2 hr. lab).
Prerequisite: TECH 3520.

TECH 4996, 4997, 4998, and 4999 Cooperative Education in Information Technology (3)
An opportunity for students majoring in Technology or Industrial Technology to obtain supervised work experience related to their major area of specialization.
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing; 2.5 average in the major; completion of 12 semester hours in major specialization requirements which must include 3 semester hours of study related to the proposed work experience.
Limitations on assignment: Department approval.
Departmental elective for Information Technology majors.


ID 1400 Computing in Modern Society (3)
Fundamental computing concepts, technology and skills used in modern society; problem abstraction and design principles; data and information representation; algorithm concepts; introduction to a programming language.
Prerequisites: None.
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