Course Descriptions - Public Administration

PA 2000 Introduction to Public Administration (3)
Emphasis on a systematic perspective in understanding the impact of social, economic and political forces (both national and international) in shaping the role and impact of public administration. Focus on the policy-making and policy-implementation process; importance of federalism and intergovernmental relations. Emphasis on the roles, functions and activities of public managers.

PA 2010 Management Challenges in Public Organizations (3)
Emphasis on an understanding of public organizations as interactive systems; individual and group dynamics; organizational, cultural and design; major theories of organization and management. Understanding of skills and competencies managers need to develop.
Prerequisite: PA 2000.

PA 3001 Managing Informational Technology and Information Systems in the Public Sector (3)
Introduction to the use of computers and information technology in government; familiarity with major activities and software packages; fundamentals of collecting and analyzing data.
Prerequisite: PA 2000 or permission of instructor.

PA 3100 Policy Analysis in the Governmental System (3)
Emphasis on the development of quantitative and qualitative skills in analyzing policy issues and in the evaluation of governmental programs; focus on the intergovernmental context as it affects the policy-making and policy-implementation process.
Prerequisites: PA 2000 or permission of instructor.
Writing Emphasis Course

PA 3110 Intergovernmental Relations (3)
Review and analysis of intergovernmental relations (IGR) in the United States. Emphasis on interaction among officials and governmental units; examination of fiscal relationships, particularly the grants-in-aid process, and discussion of public policy implications of IGR.
Prerequisites: PA 2000 or permission of instructor.
Writing Emphasis Course

PA 3200 Managing Resources I: Budgeting and Financial Management in Government (3)
Emphasis on understanding fundamental principles and processes involved in the acquisition and use of financial resources.
Prerequisite: PA 2000 or permission of instructor.

PA 3300 Managing Resources II: Human Resources in Government (3)
Basic principles and processes involved in the management of human resources in the public sector.
Prerequisite: PA 2000.

PA 4000 Junior/Senior Transitional Seminar in Public Administration (3)
Introduction to the “real world” of public administration via intensive examination of problems and issues facing public managers; extensive interaction with practitioners; focus on understanding skills and practical administration.
Prerequisites: PA 2000 plus 15 credits in Public Administration; completion of at least 60 credits.


PA 2700 Health Care Systems in the United States (3)
Survey of the arena in which health care administration occurs, focusing on the relationship among the different provider institutions within the context of government and financial restrictions.

PA 3400 Critical Issues in Public Administration I and II (3)
Examination of important contemporary issues affecting the field and practice of public administration; identification of policy implementation and/or management trends of particular significance for the future. Choice of topics each semester will vary but will usually focus on domestic or social policy and management issues.
Prerequisite: PA 2000 or permission of instructor.

PA 3070 Administration of Public Policy (3)
Examination of the administrative policy making process, involving both policy formulation and policy implementation. The demands on administrators from various sectors of the political system for policy change as well as bureaucratic influence on legislative policy making are also considered.
Prerequisite: PA 2000.

PA 3350 Collective Bargaining (3)
Analysis of collective bargaining as a social and political process within an economic framework, with special emphasis on employee association in the public sector.
Prerequisite: PA 2000 or permission of instructor.

PA 3380 Grantsmanship (3)
Introduction to the intergovernmental grants process; examination of American intergovernmental relations and assistance structures; techniques for researching, planning, writing, packaging and lobbying grant and contract proposals.
Prerequisite: PA 3110 or permission of instructor.
Writing Emphasis Course.

PA 3500 Administrative Law and Regulatory Policy (3)
Delegation of powers, separation of powers, rule making by administrative agencies. The study of cases, which affect the administrative process and relate to the scope of judicial review.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

PA 3700 The Manager as a Negotiator (3)

This course will focus on the negotiation process that managers are required to engage in on a day-to-day basis, and will emphasize the communication skills that the manager must display if she/he is to be effective.

PA 4600 Honors Seminar in Public Administration (3)
Intensive examination of a significant policy or management issue in public administration; using a laboratory format, students will work directly with a public official to research a problem or issue, develop alternative solutions, and present a report with their recommendations. Requires minimum 3.0 overall G.P.A. in the major and permission of instructor.
Prerequisites: PA 2000 plus 15 credits in Public Administration.

PA 4800, PA 4801 Internship (3,3)
Supervised placement one or two days per week in a public agency, offering direct participation in public administration. Concomitant one-and one-half hour weekly seminar to integrate course knowledge with field experience.
Prerequisites: Six hours of Public Administration and permission of instructor.

PA 4810, 4811 Cooperative Education (12)
Opportunity for students to obtain long-term experience in supervised public agency work linked to related academic seminars. Student works full-time (40 hours a week) during the full fall or spring semester and attends weekly seminar series on topics related to agency work.

PA 4990 Independent Study (3)
Tutorial course for public administration majors, with required project reports. Periodic meetings, substantial research and reading required.
Prerequisites: Twelve hours of public administration. Open only to public administration majors who have made prior arrangements with a faculty member.



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