Degree Programs - Department of Communication

Courses in communication studies provide students with a broad liberal arts education while preparing them for a career in communication. Small class size means individualized attention from faculty, hands-on experience and a comfortable venue for class discussion. Independent study options allow students to work one on-one with faculty to develop special projects in various areas of interest. Internship opportunities place students in the work force and provide on-the-job training as a foundation for a career in communication.


Communication: Communication Studies

This option provides a generalist background in message formation, both in one-on-one interaction, groups and public forums. Students learn the delivery methods suitable for professional life. Students enhance oral, written, computer, research and analytical skills that fulfill the demands of the contemporary workplace and civil society.


Communication: Journalism

This option strengthens news reporting and writing skills for new media forms. Students will work as staff members for the campus newspaper, The Tower. Students also learn interviewing and persuasive communication skills.


Communication: Media

This option teaches students to work in media while grounding them in a liberal arts education. Students work in the campus radio and television studios. Students explore the power of images.


Communication: Public Relations

This option focuses on the creation of messages to work in corporate, non- profit, government, entertainment and educational publicity offices. Students learn ways to shape message to promote the organizatrion or individual through the new media.


Communication: Film

This option allows students to create films and learn production skills within the context of a broader communication and liberal arts program.


Communication: Public Communication/ MA Occupational Therapy

Students learn skills on interaction with patients and clinets while taking core science requirements that are suitable for them to apply to a program in occupational therapy on the graduate level.

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