Degree Requirements - Accounting (M.S.)


In addition to the University’s admissions

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (lower GPA’s will be
considered based on work experience)

  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions
Test) scores

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • Departmental interview if certain requirements
are not met



An undergraduate accounting degree or Principles of Accounting I&II and
Intermediate Accounting I&II, or related accounting/business experience. Students who do not have these prerequisites may take ACCT 5001 and/or ACCT 5002, as determined by the coordinator at admission.


30 credit hours, including seven required core accounting courses, plus three elective courses, one of which must be in accounting, and the other two chosen from accounting and business-related disciplines.

CORE COURSES: 21 credits

ACCT 5120 Financial Accounting for Corporations

ACCT 5140 Cost and Managerial Accounting

ACCT 5160 Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships

ACCT 5190 Law, Ethics, and Professional Accounting Practice

ACCT 5230 Auditing Information Systems

ACCT 5260 Taxation of Individuals, Estates and Trusts

ACCT 5990 Research Seminar in Public Accounting and Auditing Practice


Students must choose a minimum of one graduate accounting course. The remaining two courses are to be chosen at the graduate level from Accounting, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Marketing, Finance and Economics. Students whose undergraduate major is not business-related, and who wish to sit for the Uniform CPA exam in New Jersey are strongly advised to take two of their elective area courses as non-accounting business-related courses from the areas indicated above.


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