Degree Requirements - French

French courses 15 credits
Breadth/cognate courses 3 credits
GE/Capstone course 3 credits

Language Courses (select 2, for 6 credits)
FREN 2101 Intermediate French: Grammar, Reading, and Writing
FREN 2102 Intermediate French: Conversation
FREN 3100 Advanced French Composition
FREN 3102 Readings in Francophone Cultures and Civilizations (3)
FREN 3105 Advanced French Conversation
FREN 3120 French Phonetics
FREN 2110, 2115 (or higher) French Abroad
FREN 3150 French for Business I
FREN 3155 French for Business II
FREN 4100 French Grammar: Morphology and Syntax
FREN 4105 Translation (French>English>French)

Literature and Civilization
(select 3, for 9 credits)

FREN 3102 Readings in Francophone Cultures and Civilizations    
FREN 3130 Contemporary Readings in French
FREN 3200 Masterpieces of French Literature I
FREN 3205 Masterpieces of French Literature II
FREN 3210 French Civilization I
FREN 3215 French Civilization II
FREN 3501 Francophone Culture and Civilization: Haiti
FREN 3605 Studies in French Cinema: Thematics
FREN 4300 French Medieval Literature
FREN 4400 French Dramatic Literature
FREN 4405 French Novel
FREN 4410 French Poetry
FL 3100    Masterpieces of French Literature in Translation I
FL 3105    Masterpieces of French Literature in Translation II
FL 3210    Images of Women in French Films
FL 3215    French Literature on Film
FL 3220    Exploring France
FREN 4710 Independent Study in French Language or Literature

Breadth/Cognate Requirements (3 credits)
Select one of the following courses:

AH 3745 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
AH 3760 Medieval Art
HIST 3239 France and the Revolutionary Tradition since Napoleon
HIST 4242 Twentieth Century France: Imperial Glory to Identity Crisis
PHIL 3402 Existentialism
PS 3210 Early Modern Political Theory: Machiavelli to Rousseau

Required Capstone Course (3 credits)

FREN 4700 Seminar in French Studies
(capstone course)



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