English Immersion Program

English Immersion International

Seven Week Intensive English Immersion Program

Summer 2014 

June 29 through August 16


About the Program

This program is designed to provide a competitive advantage to undergraduate and graduate students who plan to enter a higher education institution in the United States, or elsewhere, where the language of instruction is English. Many gifted and talented international students, even after acceptance, entering American universities are at a major disadvantage when it comes to speaking and writing fluently in English, despite the fact that they have had many years of instruction in their native country. An even more serious challenge for these students is comprehension and composition in English as it relates to their chosen field of study. Often when international students believe that they have understood the language and have mastered how to read and write in their field of study, they are still challenged by the social and cultural differences that exist between their native language and English.

This program is designed to address these challenges in an intensive immersion program uniquely suited to gifted and talented international students. The course of study begins by addressing speaking, both enunciation and pronunciation, in English and public speaking through interactive exercises specifically structured to produce results. Short writing assignments will be completed daily and revised using peer response and faculty feedback. Each group of ten students will work with a full-time 24-7 English Immersion Mentor (EIM) to ensure that the ALL ENGLISH, NO EXCEPTIONS system is continually reinforced. The EIM staff is within the same age bracket as the students they serve and they are native English speakers. Primary instruction is provided by faculty with both experience and expertise in second language acquisition. The academic credits earned are eligible for transfer to any accredited higher education institution in the United States or their affiliated partners. Whether you chose a university in New Jersey, New York, Boston, Chicago, California, Iowa or Texas, or anywhere in the world, YOU will be more successful, better prepared and above all avoid the frustrations that come with lower levels of comprehension and difficulty interacting with your peers or fear of public speaking.

About Kean University

Kean is a not-for-profit public university established in 1855. We are located in northern New Jersey only 30 minutes from New York City, with our own train station on campus. Our fifteen thousand students come from all parts of New Jersey and the United States, and over 70 countries and cultures from around the world. As a comprehensive University, we offer over 80 undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple locations within the state as well as a campus in Wenzhou, China. The Kean USA campus is among one of the most beautiful in the country and our academic and residential facilities are world-class. You are encouraged to view our ten-minute video tour on YouTube.

Diversity Inc. ranked Kean as one of the top five colleges and universities, along with Cornell and Duke, in America. The University has been placed on President Obama’s Honor Roll for community service four years in a row. Our many education programs are ranked among the top ten in the United States as are the programs we offer for freshmen through our Center for Academic Success. All of our historical knowledge in education and programmatic excellence is combined to create and offer one of the best language immersion programs in the world: English Immersion International.

Program Structure

The Kean USA English Immersion International Program for Summer 2014 is organized to ensure our students learn spoken and written English language skills, allowing them to speak English fluently and with confidence, and ensuring that their reading comprehension and writing abilities are effective for global success. A tiered structure based upon instruction, coaching and real world practice will enable English language learners to acquire and refine their English language skills either at the intermediate or advanced levels. The program of study will also include opportunities for student to experiences in U.S. culture via local trips in New Jersey and in New York City, visits to public schools and businesses as they relate to professional study, and to engage participants in social and informal group activities with mentors to provide extensive opportunities and contexts to support the development of English language skills.

The Summer program will offer three credits (90 contact hours during seven weeks) of direct study in English and communication plus an additional opportunity to add a course related to a professional area that a student may be pursuing in his or her home university. Students may select an additional three-credit (45 contact hours over seven weeks) course in Education (theory, curriculum and/or practice), International Business (management, accounting, or marketing), Computer Science, or in Media and Communication. All of the professional courses will be taught in English.

Kean University offers an exciting opportunity to get ahead with your English this summer. Join us at Kean USA for seven weeks of intensive study and cultural opportunities, from June 28 (arrival) through August 16 (departure).

Summer is made to study… And where better than on our beautiful, landscaped campus right next door to New York City? We offer the ‘total immersion experience’: live, communicate, work and play in English. Your experience will begin with a full welcome and orientation to ensure you are familiar and safe in your new summer home. For 7 weeks, you will receive intensive teaching in all the key English skills, emphasis on pronunciation, enunciation, comprehension and oral communication. You will learn how to use these skills for your academic, personal and professional development. You will receive 5 ½ hours or classroom instruction daily and gain access to individualized tutoring support to ensure that you can learn at your own pace and get the most out of your entire experience.

Welcome to Kean

Welcome and Orientation

Prior to the start of classes, students will undergo a comprehensive welcome and orientation program. The welcome and orientation will give students the opportunity to meet Kean University President Dawood Farahi, the Provost, their Kean USA faculty and staff, and, most importantly, their Kean USA peers, tutors and mentors.


All students will reside in Kean University’s apartment style residence halls. The apartment style buildings contain fully furnished units with two bedrooms complete with linens, a combination living room/semi-kitchen with a full size refrigerator and microwave, and a private bathroom. Each student in residence will have access to mail services, a computer lab, laundry facilities, hard-wired and wireless Internet access, and game room.


The program includes three meals each day and Chinese cuisine will be a regular part of the menu at campus eateries. Dinner options may also include a sampling of diverse cultural entrees.



For the 7 week academic program, each student will receive intensive teaching in all the key English skills –emphasis on pronunciation, enunciation, comprehension and oral communication. They will also learn how to use these skills to enhance their academic studies. At the completion of the program, each student will earn 6 academic credits. Three credits in English and three (3) credits in a subject matter course.

Lectures and Movies

Students will attend small group workshops, view movies and discuss current events. These activities will supplement the in-class instruction, inform the co-curricular excursions and further engage them in the English language and American culture. Group conversations with Kean USA faculty and students will be held at the conclusion of each activity.

Academic Support

Aside from designated faculty office hours, Kean USA faculty, academic support staff and tutors will be available to provide one-on-one and group assistance outside of the classroom.

Between classes and during the evening students will be able to practice and develop their English in language computer labs, reading groups, sitting in on other classes with Kean USA students and participating in discussion groups. Tutoring will also be available in the afternoon and evening in the residence hall.

Peer Interactions

Kean USA students will be with Wenzhou-Kean students in each aspect of the 7 week program - inside the classroom, in the residence halls and as a part of the co-curricular excursions. Kean USA students will assist as resident assistants, tutors and mentors. Wenzhou-Kean student leaders will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with various Kean USA student leaders.

Co-Curricular Excursions

Kean University’s campus is located 30 minutes from New York City and 90 minutes from Philadelphia.

Students will supplement their academic learning by visiting a variety of popular American venues. Those experiences will reinforce classroom learning within business, cultural and social settings.

Whether students are in the Wall Street financial district, at a museum in New York City, attending a New York Yankees baseball game, or walking the steps of the United States Capital Building in Washington DC, they will be guided by Kean USA staff and students and will be able to practice their English conversation skills while learning about American history, culture, business practices and social customs.

Other co-curricular experiences will be included such as: academic field trips to visit local school systems, an outdoor adventure course to build interpersonal awareness; a community service project to cultivate awareness of diverse perspectives and civic engagement; and an exploration of local environmental and cultural arts facilities as resources for business and community service. Overall, the full range of co-curricular excursions is designed to enhance the classroom instruction and expand the participants’ ability to actively engage multiple dimensions of the American cultural experience.

At least six (6) co-curricular excursions will be structured into the standard program fee for all participants. The various programs will be organized in small groups to encourage maximum opportunity for discussion and group interaction. Individual student schedules will likely include an excursion or field trip one day during the week and one day of the weekend.

Co-curricular excursion options are subject to change.

Safety and Conduct

Please note that the Kean USA Language Immersion Program requires participants to remain with the Kean University Language Immersion group at all times; and utilize Kean University sponsored transportation for off-campus activities. Any independent travel requests must be authorized in advance by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs in consultation with the student’s home university. Participants are expected to actively engage in all academic and co-curricular activities and follow all safety instructions and guidelines. The Kean University Student Code of Conduct www.kean.edu/KU/Code-of-Conduct is applicable to the actions and behaviors of all students.

1. Participants are required to remain with the Kean University Language Immersion group throughout the duration of the trip.

2. Non-program sponsored travel must be approved by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

3. Participants are expected to abide by all Kean University policies, specifically the Student Code of Conduct.

4. Participants are expected to abide by all local, state, and federal laws, for example the legal drinking age being 21.

5. Participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions as outlined in the official program schedule.

6. Participants are expected to uphold the Kean University Alcohol Free Housing Policy

7. There is no overnight guest visitation during the Kean University USA Language Immersion Program.

Program Costs

The program cost to each student is $5,500* and covers the cost of tuition and educational expenses – including co-curricular excursions, housing and meals.

 Tuition and Educational Support Programs:


 Room and Board:




 *Students currently enrolled at Wenzhou-Kean University will receive a $500 academic and administrative processing credit. Students participating from Wenzhou Kean University will be charged a Tuition and Educational Support Program fee of $1,900, totaling $5,000 for the entire program.

Please note that the fee for VISA processing and the cost of round trip airfare are not included in the cost of the program.

Participants also have the option to purchase vouchers for additional cultural activities for an additional fee. Additional cultural activities will include trips such as:

Weekend in Washington D.C. (two days):


Weekend in Boston (two days):


 Broadway Show and Dinner:


Yankees Baseball Game:


The supplemental excursion packages include meals.

These activities are optional.  The standard program fee includes excursions to enhance your experience in the U.S.A.  Please indicate which, if any, of the Optional Cultural Activities you plan to purchase when you are completing the application. 

Mr. Curtis Wu

Director, English Language Center
Wenzhou-Kean University
+86 577 55870223


Office of Kean USA English Language Immersion





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