Executive Directors and Department Chairs

executive directors & chairpersons

Academic Year 2010-2011


Dr. Steven John, Executive Director School of Accounting and Finance

Dr. James Drylie, Executive Director, School of Criminal Justice and Public Administration 

Dr. Sucheta Ahlawat, Executive Director, School of Management, Marketing and International Business

COLLEGE OF Education

Dr. Gilda Del Risco, Executive Director, School of Curriculum and Teaching

Dr. Martin Schulman, Executive Director, School of Communication Disorders and Deafness

Dr. Michael Searson, Executive Director, School of Global Innovation and Education

Dr. Richard Bakker, Chair, Physical Education, Recreation and Health

Vacant, Chair, Special Education and Literacy


College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Sophie Howlett, (Acting) Executive Director, School of General Studies

Dr. Suzanne Bousquet, Executive Director, School of Psychology

Dr. Jose Sanchez, Executive Director, School of Social Sciences

Dr. Sue-Ellen Gronewald, Chair, Department of History

Dr. Daniel O'Day, Chair, Department of English

college of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences

Dr. Paul Croft, Executive Director, School of Environmental & Sustainability Sciences

Vacant, Executive Director, School of Nursing

Dr. Brian Teasdale, Executive Director, School of Natural Sciences

Dr. Susan Hahn, Chair, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Patricia Morreale, Chair, Department of Computer Science


college of Visual & Performing Arts

Prof. Rose Gonnella, Executive Director, Robert Busch School of Design

Dr. George Arasimowicz, Executive Director, Department of Fine Arts

Dr. Anthony Scelba, Chair, Department of Music

Prof. Michele Mossay, Chair, Department of Theatre 




Dr. David Shani, Graduate Management Studies

Dr. Efthimia Christie, Educational Leadership

Dr. Frank Gardner, Doctorial Studies in Psychology

Dr. Laurie Knis-Matthews, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Josephine Norwood, Graduate Social Work



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