My PC will not boot. Why?

Make sure that your PC is plugged in, or the surge protector is on. 

Remove any diskettes from the floppy drive and try booting the PC. 

Verify that the monitor is on.


Why am I unable to login to my PC?

Do you remember your password? If not, call Computer Services at 908-737-6000

If you know your password, and have Windows 2000, verify that you are logging into the "knet_domain".

To see what you are logging into, look at the "log on to:" field. It should be Knet_domain. If it is not visible, click on the options tab to see the "log on to:" field.  If it is not knet_domain, click on the drop-down box and select knet_domain..

If you are logging into Windows 98 and have Novell, verify that your username and context are correct.


I cannot print to my personal printer.

Restart PC

Restart printer.

Make sure cables are connected to the PC and the printer. If printer still does not work, call Computer Services.


I cannot print to my network printer.

You must login to use network printers.

Restart printer and PC, and login.


I am unable to access wIntegrate. Why?

Restart your computer and login.

If you do not get the login prompt within the wIntegrate program, click on the icon that looks like a plug on the top right corner.


My floppy drive does not work.

Are you sure that the diskette is good. To be sure, try the diskette in another computer. If it does not work, the diskette is bad.

If the diskette works in another computer, then a further look must be done on the computer by computer services.


Why is there no sound coming from my PC?

Do you have speakers?

Is it plugged in and turned on?

Is the volume turned up?

If yes, go to Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, and select Volume Control.

Ensure that the Wave and CD Audio balance is not checked to mute.


My Morpheus, Spinner, Webshots or Kazaa does not work. Why?

We do not support these applications. If you choose to download and install these programs, you do this at your own risk.

Keep in mind that you are exposing your PC to viruses and your system performance will suffer as a result.


How do I run Mcafee Virus Scan?

Click on Start, Programs, Network Associates, Select Virus Scan from menu

Under the Where & What tab in the "Scan in" browse to My Computer, then C:\, if you want to scan the c drive, If you want to scan the a drive, select 3 1/2 Floppy Drive (A:)

Ensure All files are selected

Under the Action tab, select Clean infected files automatically from the drop down menu

Save these settings by selecting File, Save as Default

Scan for viruses by clicking Scan Now


How do I ensure my virus scan is up to date?

Setting  auto update on your virus scan:

Run McAfee Virus Scan Console from your Windows task bar (click on icon which looks like a magnifying glass)

From the list of tasks you see, double click "AutoUpdate"

In Task Properties, click "Schedule" tab, then click Enable. Schedule a time that you know your computer will be powered on and connected to the network to retrieve this file and update it (weekly will suffice)

Make sure "Enable" box is checked. Click OK


How do I change my domain password?

Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously. . 

Select Change password.

Enter the old password, select the tab key, then enter the new password, press the tab key and reenter the password.

Click Ok.

Click Log Off


My PC is freezing up. What should I do?

Restart PC.

Perform a Cleanup:

To do a disk cleanup of all unnecessary files, Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools

Select Disk Cleanup, Click Ok for the C drive. The PC calculates the unnecessary files.

You then select the ones you want removed and Click OK.


How do I setup my cougar e-mail in outlook express?

Open Outlook Express

From the menu select tools → Accounts → Mail

Select Add Mail

Enter Full Name, Enter E-mail Address, and click Next

Set incoming server to IMAP

Incoming Mail Server: cougar.kean.edu

Outgoing Mail server: cougar.kean.edu, click Next

Account name should be listed, uncheck remember password.

Next, → Finish.

Click properties, → Servers, Check my server requires authentication

Click Settings, Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

Click on Tools in the main menu, Select Options, → Maintenance

Empty messages from “Deleted items” from folder on exit.

Purge deleted messages when leaving IMAP folder.


How do I setup my cougar e-mail on Netscape Messenger

Double click on the Netscape Messenger icon.

You will be prompted to create a profile. Click Next

Enter Full Name and Email address, click Next.

The Profile name should be your e-mail ID, e.g. jsmith. Click Next

Outgoing mail server: cougar.kean.edu. Click Next.

Mail server user name is your user ID. e.g.. jsmith.

Incoming mail server is cougar.kean.edu. Mail server type is IMAP.

Click Finish.


How do I turn Auto Complete off?

Auto complete is a function that remembers your userid and password.

Open Internet Explorer and click Tools, then Internet Options

Select the Content tab, Click the Auto Complete button

Uncheck Web addresses and User names and passwords on forms

Select OK twice to save your changes

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