February 15, 2012 Statements by BOT and President Farahi


February 15, 2012



The Board of Trustees has carefully reviewed the findings of a comprehensive investigation into allegations related to President Farahi’s academic credentials. The Board also discussed more recent allegations transmitted via email to Board members earlier this week.


The Board has expended significant time and resources to ensure that the investigation was thorough in its approach. The Board reviewed the report with the best interests of the University and its students in mind. Therefore, the Board expresses its confidence in President Farahi’s leadership and his ability to continue the progress we are making at Kean University.


The Board notes that the investigation identified instances, most decades old, where Dr. Farahi exhibited carelessness that is not consistent with today’s rigorous academic environment at Kean. The Board does not condone these mistakes made by Dr. Farahi; in fact, we deplore them. But the Board recognizes that none of the investigator’s findings is material to Dr. Farahi’s successful employment as president of Kean. Indeed, under Dr. Farahi’s tenure, the university has made significant and measurable progress, and our students now reap the benefits of an education system focused primarily on their success.

The Board also determined that Kean University lacks a comprehensive, University wide Academic Integrity Policy.  The existing policy applies solely to students.  As such, the Board now directs the University Senate and the Vice President of Academic Affairs to work together to research, develop and present for Board consideration in May a comprehensive Academic Integrity Policy that reflects the ideals and values of all members of Kean University community.

The Board now considers this matter to be resolved.  It is time for all of us to focus our energy and skills on the real challenges before us: specifically, providing Kean students with a world class education that best prepares them to compete in today’s global economy. Quite simply, it is time to get back to work.





I am grateful for the Board’s continued support and leadership. I take full responsibility for the errors I have made, and I apologize for the negative attention that I have brought to the university. I will continue the Board’s vision for Kean University and its students. Now it is time to focus our energy on the challenges and the opportunities ahead.


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