General Education Program

GE coursework provides students in all majors with common educational experiences and opportunities to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge associated with a liberal arts education.  The overall purpose of General Education is to provide students with broad preparation for their majors and for life’s social and intellectual challenges. GE coursework lays a foundation for student achievement and success in endeavors beyond graduation.  

Kean’s General Education Program features:
• a vertical structure intended to bring students progressively to higher levels of proficiency, competence, and understanding 
• connections within and between disciplines and opportunities for students to pursue interests in interdisciplinary areas
• courses that provide on-going skills development along with content
• courses that provide multicultural and global perspectives

The essential academic and professional skills areas addressed in GE courses include: critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, reflection, quantitative reasoning, verbal/oral communication, values assessment, aesthetic analysis, inquiry and research, technological applications, collaboration in a diverse society and appreciation of diversity.

In addition, the breadth and depth of GE course content is designed to help all students acquire:
• knowledge of fundamental paradigms and methodologies in the liberal arts and sciences
• awareness of the world’s major intellectual, cultural, and scientific traditions and achievements, past and present
• knowledge of major social forces and issues shaping the present world
• knowledge of major scientific and technological factors shaping the present world
• knowledge of multicultural and/or global perspectives

All courses that fulfill GE requirements in the GE Program reflect the guidelines of the GE Course Outline and therefore feature:
• Course Objectives that specify cognitive goals (skills to be learned/student outcomes to be measured) as well as goals for diversity and values
• Methods for Teaching and Learning that specify how learning support services and/or interventions will be incorporated and how technology will be used to support classroom topics/activities
• Modes of Assessment that are related to measurable student outcomes and that designate the skills to be assessed and the course-embedded assessments to be used to address the cognitive skills, diversity and values goals specified in the course objectives


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