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Welcome to Health Services

2014 Kean Ocean Health Brochure

Ocean County College Health Services can offer a variety of services to all Kean University full-time, part-time and graduate students.

Where We Are

Kean University has developed and coordinated numerous campus resources which are available to help maintain student health.

Student Health Services at Ocean County College

The Student Health Services at OCC is located in the Instructional Building, A-107. We can be reached at (732) 255-0364.

The Student Health Center hours are as follows:

Monday through Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  

In the event of a medical emergency contact Campus Security at (732) 255-2200.

Kean University Health Services (Union Campus)

Health Services is located in Downs Hall, room 126, behind the library (building DN).  Most students are seen the same day. Clinicians are available only when school is in session. Evening hours are available only during the Fall and Spring semesters when classes are in session. 

The Health Services office hours are as follows: 

Monday 9:00 - 5:00

Tuesday 9:00 - 5:00

Wednesday 9:00 - 7:00

Thursday 9:00 - 5:00

Friday 9:00 - 5:00

We are closed on Fridays during the summer months. 


Who We Are

Student Health Services at Ocean County College

Kay Collis, Evening Nurse

Kean University Health Services (Union Campus) 

Ann Marie Hummel, R.N.


Lori Purwin, R.N.

Associate Director

E. Calcara, M.D.

Board Certified

Internal Medicine 

Joanne Jacalan, R.N.-C, M.S.N., A.P.N.-C

Nurse Practitioner in Family Health

Ivy Czaplinski, R.N.

Head Nurse


What We Do

Attending class and not feeling well? Stop by Health Services for a visit. If a physician evaluation is required, a referral will be given to the Kean OCC student for a nearby medical facility contracted by Kean University.  OCC Health Services can provide students with Registered Nurses to meet your health related concerns. Health Services enables the "Student on the Go" to receive effective and beneficial treatment. Health Services is available to full-time, part-time and graduate  students.

Summary of Services

  • Assessment and treatment of illness and injuries 
  • Full-time nurses 
  • Maintenance of immunization records 
  • The latest information on health and related topics and the appropriate referral. 
  • Medical counseling for the different aspects of health care. 
  • Health education materials (videos, pamphlets) 
  • Medical Parking Permits

For additional services, please refer to Kean University’s (Union campus) website at 

Services Not Covered

  • Emergency department visits and hospitalization
  • Appointments with private physicians, dentists, consultants or specialists 
  • Laboratory tests 
  • X-rays, diagnostic procedures and medical and surgical supplies
  • Ambulance transportations

Laboratory Testing

We will provide testing at an off-campus facility.

Tests include:

  • Pregnancy 
  • Glucose 
  • Urinalyses 
  • Strep Screen 

Special Needs:

  • Assistance with the processing of Medical Leave of Absence
    (for long-term illness) 
  • Absence due to Medical Reasons
    (for short-term illness) 



Patient Rights to Privacy 

1. To receive professional medical care as mandated by law without discrimination based on age, religion, origin, sex, sexual preference, handicap or diagnosis. 

2. To receive an understandable explanation of your complete medical condition, recommended treatment and expected results. 

3. To receive essential information in order to make correct decisions about your care, including specific details about medical alternatives. 

4. To refuse medication and treatment after possible consequences of the decision have been explained clearly to you. 

5. To anticipate that your personal privacy will be adhered to by the entire staff at all times. 

6. To anticipate that all medical records will be kept confidential and only be released by your written permission (exceptions- subpoenas and/or court order, other law enforcement agencies, Dept. of Health and Senior Services and Centers for Disease Control, or life-threatening situations). Immunization records must be available to state inspectors. 

7. To receive the names and functions of all health care professionals and staff providing care. You may refuse to allow their participation. 

8. To receive prompt access to your medical records, to request inspection, a letter must be submitted to the Director of Health Services. 

9. To receive communication about your health care in your native language via a translator or computer assisted translation if available. 



Health Form Requirements


Form Downloads

  • Immunization Forms 
  • Medical Leave of Absence Authorization Form  
  • Absences Due To Medical Reasons Authorization Form 

Health Insurance


According to New Jersey state law, every student enrolled as a full-time student at a public or private institution of higher education in this state must maintain health insurance coverage.  The coverage, which provides basic hospital benefits, is required throughout the period of the student's full-time enrollment. 

At the start of every fall (or if incoming in spring) semester, all full-time students must submit proof of valid health insurance coverage, or be enrolled in the university-sponsored health-insurance plan. To provide proof, you must complete the online waiver process. The deadline for students starting in the all is September 9th, and the deadline for students starting in the spring is January 25th.  The waiver can be completed through the student’s Kean Wise account.  If not entered by the deadline, you will be automatically enrolled in the university sponsored insurance plan and responsible for the premium. Waivers received after the deadline date will not be honored.   If after the Add/Drop period and you have less than 12 credits (less than nine credits if you are a graduate student), you have to apply directly to the insurance company for medical coverage. Kean University has contracted with United Healthcare Inc. to provide Student Accident and Sickness coverage at a cost of $166 from August 15, 2009 to August 14, 2010.  United Healthcare Inc. can answer any questions that you may have pertaining to this policy or a specific claim, and you can contact them directly at 1-800-505-4160.  A website, which includes a description of benefits, frequently asked questions, applications, and listing of network physicians, is available at 

Please contact the appropriate offices with any questions:

  • KeanWISE or Kean email account issues contact the Office of Computer & Information Services 908-737-6000
  • Billing questions contact Student Accounting 908-737-3240
  • Waiver process questions and general questions contact Health Services at 908-737-4880
  • Policy or coverage questions contact United HealthCare Inc. at 1-800-505-4160.

 How to Complete a Waiver 

1.  Log in to your keanWISE account.

2.  Click on the Student Menu.

3.  Click on the Health Insurance Waiver link, under the Financial Information 


4.  Once there, enter your valid and current health insurance policy name and 

     policy number in the fields provided.

5.  Read all information and check the box to agree to the terms.

6.  Then click the OK button. 

Once submitted, a confirmation email is sent to your Kean email account after 24 hours.  Please note that it is your responsibility to save and print a copy of this email as proof of having had submitted the insurance information.  If you have not received or do not receive an email, then you did not complete the entire waiver and need to resubmit it. 


Immunization records are due by:


FEBRUARY 28 - if starting in the Spring semester

You will be unable to register or receive grades if you fail to comply.

Health Services does not accept faxes of records or make copies. Immunization records received after 4:30 PM

will not be processed until the next business day.


All students born after January 1, 1957: Proof of two measles vaccines, one mumps vaccine, and one rubella

vaccine (MMR), all administered after your first birthday and after 12/31/67.  The two measles vaccines must

have been administered at least one month apart.  


All new students taking 12 or more credits: Proof of the three-dose hepatitis B series (or two-dose adult series

as notated by the physician)

If your records are unavailable, you can take a blood test (Antibodies IgG for MMR; Surface Antibodies for

hepatitis B) to prove immunity. A copy of the laboratory report is required.  If non-immune, the state requires

you to receive the appropriate vaccines.  

All Housing students: Proof of the meningitis vaccination before check-in.

You can mail records to:

Kean University

Health Services

P.O. Box 411

Union, NJ 07083

You can also deliver records to Downs Hall, Room 126.  If the office is closed, you can seal them in an envelope

with your Kean student ID number, and slide them under the door. 

Print the Immunization Forms


Medical Leave of Absences

If student will be absent for two (2) weeks or longer, a medical leave of absence is suggested. 

Student must be attending classes full-time or part-time during the fall or spring semesters only. No

Medical Leaves are available during the summer.

Student must complete and sign form.

A medical authorization from his/her personal physician or medical care provider stating reason for leave must accompany form.

Upon approval, copies are sent to the Registrar, Financial Aid, EOC, and Residence Life and Housing offices.

Print the Medical Leave of Absence Authorization Form  


Absences Due To Medical Reasons

If a student will be absent from class for five (5) consecutive days or more due to medical reasons, the

student must supply Health Services with the following information: 

  • Documentation from a medical doctor or other medical care provider requesting authorization for “Absence due to Medical Reasons.”
  • Absence due to Medical Reasons form must be completed and returned to Health Services. If student will be absent for two (2) weeks or longer, a medical leave of absence is suggested.
  • Print the Absence Due To Medical Reasons Authorization Form 


Health Links

Web Resources 

  • New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services 
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
  • General Medical Information 
  • Planned Parenthood Information in English and Spanish 
  • National Institute of Health 
  • American Cancer Society 
  • American Heart Association 
  • U S Department of Health 
  • National Library of Medicine Information available in English and Spanish
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