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Toney, J.H., Hernandez, C., “Building Our Future Bond Act: Investing in New Jersey's Higher Education,” Kean University Center for History, Politics and Policy (Oct. 2012)


Plan for a smooth transition from dean to chief academic officer,” Dean & Provost, 13, 12 (2012)


USA Today [Letters to the Editor]

The INTERNATIONAL New York Times  [Letters to the Editor]

The New York Times [Letters to the Editor]  


The Star Ledger

Blogger for NJ Voices, The Star-Ledger's online opinion archive – selected articles from a total of more than 50


OpEdNews (published online by the International Humanities Center) – Selected articles


Discover Magazine, The Intersection

Toney, J.H., Sexy Science: The New Glam of Science in Advertising , June 10, 2011


Invited Blogger for The Huffington Post 

These articles span the sciences, education, arts, music and book reviews written for the general public. October 2010 – present

The Triumph Of The American Madrasahs (co-authored with Sir Harold Kroto, recipient of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)

On Humanity Score Card, Does Libya Trump United States?

How Educated Is Your State Legislator?

Why Gila Monster Spit Could Be Worth a Billion Dollars

Is Big Agriculture Contributing to Antibiotics Resistance in Humans?

The World's Best Functional Food? 

Two Months to Live, My Colleague Writes a Letter...

What John Legend and Common Have in Common

Physics: 'A Waste of Time'?

Why Winston Churchill Could Tweet, but Francis Bacon Couldn't

Huckabee's XenophObamia

Texting as Killer, as Savior

Peripatetic Paroxysms: Linkin Park Live, Madison Square Garden

Mubarek Stepping Down Soon?

Letter to President Obama: Clear Resolutions, Not Transitions, Will Give Egyptians A Voice

Global Weirding: Caribbean Coral Crisis (Again!)

Learning What the Best College Teachers Do

Haiti One Year Later: Citizens' Voices

Evolution an Alien Subject? Not to Bloort 183

I Wanted a Trollinator Nanobot for Christmas... 

Online Social Media: Taming the Beast for the Classroom Part I

Evolution of a Citizen Journalist


Justin Bieber: A Father's Perspective

University Students Propose a 2030 Federal Budget with $65 Billion Surplus

Mama Grizzlies, Kanye West: "Man Up"

Going Gaga

Two Words for Tuesday

Drug Discovery: The Challenge of Finding New Medicines

How Big Pharma's Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Political Debates: Took What I Hated and Made It a Part of Me

The 35-Inch Waistline Survival Test 

Lessons Learned: Sometimes "No Day at the Beach"

Oil-Eating Microbes Have the Appetite for Crude. But Do They Have the Stomach?

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