Kean Ocean Posting Locations

Instructional Building, 2nd Floor

These locations are for approved Kean Ocean flyers only. Each of these locations is directly next to an academic office/classroom. Only academic groups relative to the major of the bulletin board may post in these locations.

Example: the bulletin board located next to room 202 is the History advisement office-only groups pertaining to History may post their flyers at this bulletin board.

  • Next to (205)
  • Next to 204
  • Next to 203
  • Next to 202
  • Next to 200
  • Next to A220
  • Next to 218
  • A206 Bulletin board
  • A 207 Bulletin Board

All Kean Ocean groups may post at:

  • Kean Ocean bulletin board located directly across the hall from room 205

Students may not post flyers in classrooms.


Ocean County College Student Life Bulletin Boards


Russeil Building

  • 2 cork boards on first floor
  • 2 cork boards on second floor
  • Employee Lounge on second floor


Instructional Building First Floor

First Floor

  • 1 by soda machine
  • 1 giant bulletin board

Second Floor

  • 2 in each of the stairwells

Third Floor

  • 2 in each of the stairwells
  • 1 next to room 312

Bartlet Building

  • 1 on first floor

Science Building

  • 1 in hallway by bathrooms
  • By soda machine

College Center

  • Solar Lounge bulletin board
  • Cork strips in hallway
  • Conference Room bulletin boards


  • 1 by snack machines

Administration Building

  • Cork strips in Employee Lounge on the ground floor.


  • This is a guide of bulletin boards when hanging flyers.
  • It takes 20 copies to cover this list.
  • Staple flyers to bulletin boards
  • Remove old, dates, or unapproved items from the boards.


Ocean County College Campus Map

An Ocean County College Campus Map can be found within the Ocean County College website by clicking here.


For more information

For more information about posting at Kean Ocean, please contact the Kean Ocean Administration Office using the following contact information:

Kean Ocean Administration Office
Room 10, Ocean County College Library
Ocean County College
College Drive
Toms River, NJ 08754


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