Kean University Bill of Rights & Responsibilities


A Bill of Rights and Responsibilities has been endorsed by the Board of Trustees and serves as a general guide for administrative practices at the University.

It is designed to provide or and academic community in which people may engage in the pursuit of teaching and learning, scholarship and research, and cross-cultural and social development. The tenets of the bill highlight the basic rights of all members of the University community to freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of peaceful assembly and association, freedom of political beliefs, and freedom from personal force and violence, threats of violence, and personal abuse.

Consonant with those rights is the responsibility to respect the freedom to teach, to learn, and to act in a manner conducive to the protection of the educational process, and the protection of the facilities and internal relationships established by the University. The institution’s long standing tradition of student involvement through participation in policy making, academic and cultural program development, and faculty and administrative personnel considerations serve to further promote a common understanding of the institution’s norms and vales.


The complete text of the University’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is available in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Kean Hall, Room 124.

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