Leave of Absence

Students who must leave the University temporarily either for medical or personal reasons may request a leave of absence. Medical leaves are processed by the Office of Health Services; personal leaves are processed by the Counseling Center.

Students who request a leave of absence after a semester has begun should do so no later than one week past mid-semester. The ordinary length of a leave of absence is a semester. In unusual circumstances the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs may approve a renewal of leave for the semester immediately following.

Military personnel called for active duty which requires a leave from the university must bring a copy of their activation orders to the Center for Academic Success Office of Veteran's Affairs.

To return to the university from a pre-approved leave of absence, the student should contact CAS One-Stop to request permission to register for the semester.

The above provisions apply to full-time and part-time students in good standing. Good standing is defined as follows: cumulative grade point average at the completion of the semester prior to request for leave of absence meets minimum academic requirements of the University; all financial and other obligations to the University have been met in full; no disciplinary probation is in effect.

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