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It is the objective of the Kean University Mail Services to provide timely and accurate handling and distribution of mail to the campus community. This information outlines the services we provide as well as your responsibility in handling university mail. Compliance with the guidelines outlined here by the campus community will assist Mail Services in providing the most efficient and cost-effective services possible to the university.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kean University Mail Services is to provide the University community with timely and accurate handling, distribution and processing of all mail, and utilizing staff and resources effectively and efficiently with accountability for students, faculty and staff.

General Information

Mailboxes are strategically located in buildings throughout the campus, and each office has its own mail bin. Both mail boxes and mail bins are separated into two sections; interoffice mail, and outgoing mail, outgoing mail is delivered to the U.S. Post Office.

  • Mail is picked-up at least once a day, depending on the location; the last pick-up is at 2 p.m. every day.
  • All mail leaves the Mail Services Department for the Union Post Office at 3 p.m.
  • Campus mail, that is deposited in the mail boxes before the scheduled pick-up time, is delivered to the Union Post Office, Monday to Friday by 4 p.m.

Only officially recognized university organizations, faculty, staff and currently enrolled students are authorized to use the Kean University Mail Services, centrally located mail boxes, and office mail bins.

Special Note: University Mail Services reserves the right to inspect all mail to ensure compliance with its regulations.

LOCATION and hours

The Mail Services Center is located in the Facilities Maintenance Building, Room 135. The Facilities Maintenance building is located between the University Center and the Campus School buildings on campus.


The Mail Services Center is open to the campus community Monday to Friday from 10:15 a.m. - 4 p.m., excluding university holidays.

Interoffice Mail

Please follow these basic guidelines to ensure efficient and cost-effective handling of mail:
  • Special reusable interoffice envelopes are available from Materiel Services for interoffice mail.
  • Please address interoffice mail using the full name of the department.
  • Do not abbreviate department names or use room numbers.
  • Please do not use white Kean University envelopes for interoffice mail. The white envelopes are substantially more expensive and can easily be mistaken for outgoing mail.

Outgoing Mail

To ensure proper handling of mail, please follow these basic guidelines:
  • Addresses for the outgoing University mail must be metrically generated
  • Always identify the name or department of the sender on all outgoing mail below the return address.
  • Deposit mail into campus mail boxes unsealed. Several letters should be grouped together facing one direction, one flap over the other and enclosed by a rubber band.
  • Separate international mail and attach a covering slip marked "Overseas" or "International Mail."
  • Large Standard (bulk) mailings or certified letters should be brought to Mail Services by 11:00 am to allow time for the paperwork to be prepared.


Mail Services will forward mail to former employees free of charge, when the forwarding address is written on the envelope.

Incoming Mail

Incoming mail should be addressed as follows:

Official Kean University Address

Resident Students Only


Kean University


1000 Morris Avenue

P.O. Box 411

Union, NJ 07083-0411


Building Name

Apartment / Room #

Bedroom A or B

1000 Morris Avenue

Union, NJ 07083-7131

Residential Mail

Mail for the resident students is delivered by the United States Postal Service to the Office of Residential Student Services five (5) days a week during the academic year and four (4) days a week during summer sessions. Mail is distributed to the individual residence halls before 5:00 p.m. No mail delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. All signatures required packages/mail (overnights, certified and special mail) will be delivered to the Office of Residential Student Services and students, upon proof of identification may obtain those items. Resident Students are responsible for completing the required United States Postal Service Forms for forwarding mail.

Personal Mail

Personal mail belonging to university employees and students will be delivered to the United States Post Office only if the correct postage has been applied by the sender.

Address Format

Personal mail belonging to university employees and students will be delivered to the United States Post Office only if the correct postage has been applied by the sender.

  • The "destination address" must be in block format, at least one inch from both the left and right edges of the envelope.
  • The bottom line of the address (city, state and zip code) must be at least 5/8 inch, but no more than 2-3/4 inches from the bottom of the envelope.
  • Addressing the envelope in all upper-case letters is preferred.
  • Typewriter or machine-printed addresses can be processed on the new high-speed automated equipment.

Standard Mail/Bulk Mail

Any department mailing large quantities, more than 200 pieces, of mail at one time, including standard mail (formally called bulk mail) is required to do the following:

  • Submit a memo or e-mail to S. Joe Kang at, at least five business days in advance.
  • Indicate the number of pieces being mailed.
  • Separate all mail going to students on campus and overseas mail from outgoing mail; this will help us to apply proper cost saving measures.
  • Bring bulk mail to the Mail Services Center by 11:00 am to allow time for processing.
  • Any department using labels prepared by the Data Center may request that they be run off in zip code order. This order can then be maintained while labeling.
  • Specific instructions on preparing bulk mail must be obtained from Mail Services.
  • Prepare all mail in zip code order

Mailing Statement

Mail Services will prepare a postal form — Nonprofit Standard Mail Statement to accompany your bulk mail. You must inform Mail Services of the exact number of pieces being mailed.

Parcel Pick-up

All packages must be delivered to Materiel Services. Pick-up service for packages is not provided.

Parcel Post

Fourth Class Parcel Post is printed matter, merchandise, or other material weighing 16 ounces or more. Parcels should me marked "Parcel Post." 9;

International Mail

International mail should be taken to Mail Services by 11 a.m. to be processed properly.

The rate for international mail is $0.60 per half ounce. A slightly lower rate is available for sending books by air mail. Please be sure to identify all packages containing books.

All other packages sent overseas require a customs declaration form, which is available at the post office.

Overnight Express Mail

UPS Next Day Air is used for overnight express mail. Anyone sending overnight mail, for official university business only, must do so through the Mail Services Center.

Express Mail must be delivered to the Mail Services Center by 2:30 p.m. for next day delivery. Senders are required to fill out their name, department, and phone number under Section 1 of the air bill.

NOTE: Air bills and supplies are available in the Mail Services Center.

The following alternate drop-off locations are available if packages are not delivered to the Mail Services Center by 2:30 p.m.

UPS Store Locations

The UPS Store

1922 Morris Ave


(908) 964-2600

The UPS Store

579 Raritan Rd


(908) 298-1122

The UPS Store

231 North Ave W


(908) 654-8200

The UPS Store

765 Mountain Ave


(973) 912-8600

The UPS Next Day Air drop box is located next to the Science Building. The last pick up is 6:00 p.m.

Distribution of Printed Material (Flyers)

Mail Services is responsible for distributing printed material such as the Administrative Report, In Memoriam announcements and other material that is approved and requested by management.

University departments, labor unions and recognized organizations may use the Mail Services facilities for document distribution by sending a staff member to Mail Services center with the documents, and by having that staff member place the documents in the appropriate mail slots. The Mail Services carrier will deliver the sorted documents with the regular mail.

Note: For same day delivery, documents must be delivered to the Mail Services Center by 8:30 a.m.

Office Relocation

It is very important to notify Mail Services if your office is relocated. This helps to keep all data regarding campus addresses current. Please notify Joe Kang by memo or email regarding office relocation; include the department name and building name with room number.

Office Name Change

Please notify Joe Kang by memo or email regarding office name changes; include the former department name and the new department name.

New Employee

Supervisors are required to send the names of all new employees, their department, and their office location to S. Joe Kang by memo or email.

Business Reply Envelopes

Contact S. Joe Kang in Mail Services, Ext. 75070, for business reply envelopes.

Certified Return Receipt Mail Procedure

Effective Tuesday, July 1, 2014 Mail Services will implement a cost- and time-saving way to send CERTIFIED RETURN RECEIPT MAIL.

  1. New CERTIFIED RETURN RECEIPT MAIL labels can be obtained from Mail Services. The requesting department is required to sign out the labels. See sample >>
  2. Apply the new Certified Return Receipt Label immediately to the right of the Return Address; do NOT block the area for the Postage Stamp. See sample >>
  3. Keep the Tracking Number label for your record.
  4. To print Confirmation of Delivery
    • Go to
    • Click on Tracking
    • Enter the 22 digit Tracking Number.

Mail Services will no longer accept CERTIFIED MAIL with the green post card (PS Form 3811) and U.S. Postal Service CERTIFIED MAIL RECEIPT (PS Form 3800).

The United States Postal Service will attempt to deliver CERTIFIED MAIL twice, and if no action is taken, the mail will be returned to the sender after 15 days.

USPS.COM retains the Tracking Information for 2 years.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Matt Mruk, supervisor of Mail Services, at 908-737-5072.

George Thorn, Jr.

Maintenance Building
T: 908-737-5061
F: 908-737-5055

Mail Services

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