Mission and Goals

The mission of the Kean University childcare center is to provide for the care and education of children, ages two and a half through five, whose parents are students or employees of Kean University. In addition, our mission includes providing evening care during academic semesters for children ages three-twelve, whose parents are students or employees of Kean.

The Kean University Child Care Center believes in a child-centered, developmentally appropriate approach to learning. That is, the planning of activities is based on the needs interests and abilities of the children. We believe children are active learners, constructing their own knowledge through first-hand exploration of meaningful experiences. In-depth investigations of topics or themes draw on elements of integrated curriculum, the project approach, developmentally appropriate practices, and the inspirations of Reggio Emilia.


Our work to accomplish this mission is based on four main goals:

1. Providing a safe, respectful and amiable learning environment where children construct their knowledge with the support of collaborative relationships. Each child is valued for his/her own needs, interests and abilities and encouraged to develop his individual potential, while participating in small and large group projects. We provide children with experiences to enhance their cognitive, physical, language, creative and social-emotional growth. In a caring community of nurturing adults, diversity, socialization, problem- solving and communication are valued.

2. Offering student and employee parents the opportunity to use childcare while they pursue classes and/or campus employment. And by providing a parent’s association that offers experiences in education, relationship building and involvement in the center’s activities.

3. Providing the University with a child care center that enables parents to attend classes and to participate in other campus events; and providing a learning laboratory where students from various disciplines can observe and interact with children. The center offers respectful support for families who reflect the range of diversity on the Kean campus.

4. Collaborating with faculty in the School of Education and Department of Early Childhood and Family Studies to provide a setting where research and documentation support students in their pre- professional and professional internships. The center welcomes children, families and students to engage in meaningful collaborations to benefit all children.

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