New Films & Books

New Films and Books

Academic Year 2008-2009


Adler, David. Child of the Warsaw Ghetto

Bart, Michael.  Until our last Breath

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.  The Boy who dared

Boas, Jacob.  We are Witnesses

Abells Byers, Chana.  The Children we remember

Brooks, Philip.  The united States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Cheng, Anrea.  Marika

Cohen, Rich.  The Avengers

Cappa, Frank J. The Papacy, the Jews, and the Holocaust

Darvas, Mariam.  Farewell to Praeve

David, Ruth.  Child of our Time

DesBois, Patrick.  The Holocaust by Bullets

Downing, Frederick L.  Elie Wiesel: A Religious Biography

Eckman, Dr. Lester.  History of the Mirrer Yeshna

Eckman, Dr. Lester.  History of Yeshivot in Lithuania

Elon, Amos.  The Israelis

Finkelstein, Norman.  Remember not to forget

Flam & Furman.  Hitler Legacy

Fox, Anne.  My Heart in a Suitcase

Garbe, Detlef.  Between Resistance and Martyrdom

Greene, Carol.  Elie Wiesel Messenger from the Holocaust

Greenfeld, Howard.  The hidden Children

Hamburg, David.  Preventing Genocide

Troy, Anne.  Holocaust: Study Guide

Isaacs, Anne.  Turn Thread

Kershaw, Ian.  Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution

Klein, Gerda Weissmann.  All but my Life

Krmaer, Clara.  Clara’s War

Krell, Robert.  Child Holocaust Survivors

Poles – Jews. 1939-1945

Palskich, Zydow.  Photographer and I still see their Faces

Rajzner, Rafael & Lew, Henry R.  The Stories our Parents found too painful to tell

Rapoporat, Safira.  Yesterdays and then Tomorrows

Rubin, susan Goldman & Weissberger, Ela.  The Cat with the yellow Star:  Coming of Age in Tekezin.

Shawn, Karen & Keren Goldfrad.  The Call of Memory: A Teacher’s Guide & Anthology Set

Supple, Carrie.  From Prejudice to Genocide: Learning about the Holocaust. (Rev. 3rd Ed.)

Trachtenberg, Joshua.  The Devil and the Jews: Medieval Conception of the Jew and its Relation to modern Anti-Semitism

Van Beek, Flory.  Flory: A Miraculous Story of Survival

Washington, Harriet A.  Medical Apartheid: the Dark History of Medical Experimentation of Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present

Widawski, Celina.  The Sun will shine Tomorrow

Wieder, Ludvik (with Joez H. Cohen).  I promised my Mother

Unknown.  Crimes against Humanity: a Holocaust Resource Book.



The Bielski Brothers (DVD)

Eye of Vichy (DVD

The Infamous Dreyfus Affair

Rape of Europa

The Counterfeiters

Lingering Memories

God On Trial

The Life of Emile Zola


Constantine's Sword

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