Nursing Mission and SLOs


RN-BSN Mission

The mission of the School of Nursing is to provide the breadth and depth of academic and clinical experiences to prepare registered nurses for advanced clinical practice and leadership roles within the context of a continuously changing health care system. Nurses educated at the baccalaureate level are prepared as nurse generalists able to practice in a variety of settings and clinical situations. Nurses educated at the master’s level are prepared for specialization in roles of nurse managers and administrators and in content areas of nursing and healthcare administration/leadership, Trans-cultural nursing, community health nursing, and school nursing. Nurses prepared at both levels contribute to clinical excellence and quality of care through active participation in continuously raising standards of care in the region.

RN-BSN Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

SLO 1: Apply the nursing process as the method for professional nursing practice with culturally diverse client systems to promote positive health outcomes.

SLO 2: Characterize their practice by an orientation to the family as the basic unit of professional care.

SLO 3: Demonstrate the use of a conceptual model for nursing practice.

SLO 4: Synthesize learning from the humanities & physical, social, & nursing sciences into their practice of nursing.

SLO 5: Incorporate research in the use of nursing process.

SLO 6: Demonstrate a commitment to continuous personal & professional development.

SLO 7: Collaborate with members of the health team to provide & improve the quality of care delivered to client systems.

SLO 8: Characterize their practice by leadership in assuming responsibility & accountability for the quality of nursing care delivered to their clients.

SLO 9: Demonstrate the role of client advocate in the health care system.


KU Student Outcomes (KU): Kean University graduates should be able to:

1. Think critically, creatively and globally;

2. Adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments;

3. Serve as active and contributing members of their communities; and

4. Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines (GE) and enhance their skills in professional areas

**General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Knowledge (GE-K): Students will demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and content by:

(K1) applying the scientific method to comprehend natural concepts and processes;

(K2) evaluating major theories and concepts in social sciences;

(K3) relating historical references to literature; and

(K4) evaluating major theories and concepts in the fine arts.

Skills (GE-S): Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to:

(S1) write to communicate and clarify learning;

(S2) communicate effectively through speech;

(S3) solve problems using quantitative reasoning;

(S4) think critically about concepts in multiple disciplines; and

(S5) show information literacy

Values (GE-V): Students will demonstrate personal, social and ethical responsibility as a part of lifelong learning through:

(V1) personal responsibility;

(V2) ethical & social responsibility;

(V3) active in social & civic engagement;

(V4) respect for diverse culture; and

(V5) lifelong learning


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