Policy on Portable Electrical Appliances

The possession of candles, incense and open flame devices is not permitted in any building.

Neon signs and string lights (e.g. holiday lights) are prohibited.

Unauthorized modification of space and the furnishings contained within, including the installation of any air conditioners, paintings, and any personal furnishings is prohibited.

Furniture such as chairs, couches, mattresses, waterbeds etc., is prohibited, other than furniture provided by the University.

Personal lamps including halogen lamps are not allowed.

Electrical heat producing appliances (stoves, George Foreman grills, toaster ovens, hot plates, and portable heating units) are prohibited, including all appliances that are not UL listed and appliances that are recalled by manufacturers or government agencies.

Open coil appliances for heating water and beverages are prohibited.

Electric heaters are only allowed if provided by the University.

Smoking is not permitted within any building on campus.

Possession of highly flammable materials including gasoline, their containers (whether containing fuel or empty), Propane cylinders, Kerosene lamps, oil lamps, alcohol lamps, lighter fluid and other highly flammable substances.

Power strips without an internal circuit breaker and UL approval are prohibited.

Electrical cords shall not be routed unsafely (under carpets, in pathways, through doorways, taped down etc.)

Extension cords and non-breaker multi-plug adapters are prohibited.

Plug in air fresheners are prohibited.

Power strips may not be used in series to gain greater length.

Spliced, taped or frayed cords shall not be used

Do not hang or attach anything to, or on, any lamp, light fixture, sprinkler head or any other fire detection and/or suppression device.

Anything that damages, misuses, or otherwise interferes with the ready and proper operation of any fire detection or fire suppression equipment and related signs is forbidden.

This includes, but is not limited to: sprinklers, heat and smoke detectors, extinguishers, fire alarm control panels, pull stations, annunciator, emergency lighting, exit signs, emergency floor plan evacuation signs.
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