Political Science

Political Science concerns itself with the study of governments and governing procedures; what they are, how they change and what one thinks they should be-this includes international organizations, national states and sub-units of nations. While political science is concerned with understanding legislative, executive and judicial bodies that are formally part of government, it is also concerned with the political activities and influence of many other related groupings. It considers, for example, political parties, voting behavior and interest groups, as well as relevant activities of other organizations and individuals. The entire process by which public policy is formulated and executed (“who gets what, when, where and how”) constitutes the field of political science.

Political Science is one of the University¹s most ''student-friendly'' departments. With small classes, professors get to know you personally. Collectively, they demonstrate a commitment to students and to excellence in teaching, working overtime, mentoring and counseling students for graduate schools and post-college careers. Our faculty are also distinguished scholars. Among them are nationally and internationally respected authorities on Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the United Nations, as well as American, International/Comparative Politics and Political Theory. Most have traveled and studied extensively abroad, and several are active in civic and political life, bringing to the classroom first-hand knowledge of political affairs. They include a consultant to members of Congress and other governmental agencies; regular guests on television programs; those who are actively involved in programming and consulting with major corporate, union and private non-profit agencies as well as governmental entities across New Jersey; as well as those who are frequently interviewed by the press. These experiences make for a rich educational climate where theory is related to real-life politics and students are provided opportunities to participate with faculty in experiencing those linkages.

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