Recreation Administration - Course Descriptions

REC 1100 Introduction to the Recreation and Leisure Profession (3)

A survey of recreation/leisure services, utilizing field visits to municipal, community, outdoor, industrial, therapeutic, armed forces, correctional, and commercial recreation sites.  Offered as a Distance Learning Course.

REC 1200 Computer Programs in Recreation (3)

Survey and explore the most recent and widely-used recreational computer programs in the recreation and leisure industry. Includes instruction in web page design and implementation, computerized assessments in therapeutic recreation, and brochure, calendar and social network design.

REC 2901 Foundations of American Recreation (3)
The chronological/historical development of recreation in America, the various philosophies and the impact of technology on the recreation movement.
Writing Emphasis course. Also offered as a Distance Learning Course

REC 2910 Program Organization and Facility Design                                 (3)

Program organization and facility design of public and private recreational agencies studied.

REC 2911 Program Organization and Facility Design  - Service Learning   (1)                                      Students are required to complete 40 hours of service in a park, recreation and/or therapeutic recreation program or agency.  

REC 3300 Recreation for Special Populations (3)
This course examines the role of recreation and therapeutic recreation in supporting healthy lifestyles and inclusion for diverse populations with disabilities that participate in recreation services in community, commercial and therapeutic recreation programs and settings.
REC 3310 Principles and Practices of Therapeutic Recreation (3)
Course examines principles and practices that guide the field of therapeutic recreation. Emphasis placed on understanding models of service delivery, assessment, documentation, activity and task analysis, goal writing and on learning appropriate and successful techniques for delivery of therapeutic recreation programs and services.

Writing Emphasis Course

REC 3320 Therapeutic Recreation in Long Term Care (3)

Study of the importance of therapeutic recreation in long term care, sub acute settings and specialized facilities for older adults including concepts and techniques related aging and disability, activity/therapeutic interventions,  assessment and documentation.

REC 3500 Commercial Recreation and Tourism (3)
Analysis of the commercial recreation and tourism industry. Includes a study of participant profiles, types of commercial recreation, sports and tourist enterprises/services, marketing strategies, and national tourism studies. Employment opportunities, trends and issues highlighted. Field visits are required. Also offered as a Distance Learning course.

REC 3510 Cultural Tourism, Traditions and Pastimes (3)

This course explores cultures, traditions and leisure pastimes in, and among, world civilizations, focusing on the dances, music, and customs of such countries, continents, and regions as Japan, China, Central Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Indonesia.   

REC 3640 Fundraising in Recreation Agencies (3)

Introduction to the various types of financing methods used by professional and volunteer workers in recreation agencies. Special emphasis on fundraising, grantsmanship, fees and charges.

Prerequisite: REC 2910 or permission of instructor.

REC 3700 Campus Recreation Programs in Colleges and Universities (3)
The philosophical base and practical application of concepts related to the organization and administration of campus recreation (intramural sports, sports clubs, facilities, and open recreation programs at the college/university level).

Prerequisites: REC 2910 or permission of instructor.

REC 3730 Therapeutic Recreation with the Socially and Emotionally Disabled   (3)

Study of applicable techniques and treatment concepts of therapeutic recreation for persons with social and mental disabilities in both community and institutional settings.

REC 3740 Therapeutic Recreation for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities     (3)                             

This course examines the role of therapeutic recreation with individuals with developmental disabilities throughout their life span. Special emphasis on the development of therapeutic techniques, leisure education, community re-integration programs, inclusion and assessment, goal writing and behavior management.

REC 3810 Recreation and the Environment (3)

An exploration of the natural environmental factors that have significant impact on recreation/leisure activities.

REC 3900 Planning and Organizing Activities (3)
The system of arrangement and program of action which includes the development of leadership and communication skills, an understanding of group dynamics, and a repertoire of activities. Designed to prepare students for recreation assignments in business, industry, and community organizations.

REC 3901 Planning and Organizing Activities Service Learning    (1)

Students are required to complete 40 hours of service in a park, recreation and/or therapeutic recreation program or agency.

Co-Requisite: REC 3900  

REC 3903 Recreation Administration, Supervision and Management (3)

Administrative patterns and management in the various recreational organizations and therapeutic recreation programs/departments including facilities operation, financing, equipment and management of personnel involved in programs and the relationships among units within a government or agency structure.

Writing Emphasis Course

REC 3910 In-Semester Practicum (3)

A course designed to provide every recreation major in the junior year with an opportunity for intensive exploration, study and experience in an operating agency in a chosen field. A minimum of 145 hours of supervised experience is required.

Prerequisites: Fifteen credits in Recreation courses, a 2.5 grade point average, and permission from Program Coordinator. A passing grade of B or better is required. Limited to Recreation majors.

REC 4310 Process and Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation (3)

Process and techniques in the clinical application of Therapeutic Recreation including specific facilitation and communication techniques, assessment, documentation and evaluation are examined.

Prerequisites: REC 3310 or permission of instructor.

REC 4330 Recreation/Leisure and Stress Management (3)
Principles and methods utilized in assessing an individual’s skills, values, and interests that influence leisure choices, participation in recreation activities (leisure counseling), and their relationship to stress reduction.

REC 4510 Internship in Recreation (9)

Practical application of recreation skills at a cooperating recreation or leisure services agency or therapeutic recreation department. A minimum of 480 hours of supervised experience is required. Therapeutic Recreation majors must complete a 560 hours internship.
Prerequisite: Thirty credits in Recreation courses, permission of the instructor, successful completion of the Practicum, and a 2.5 grade point average. A passing grade of B or better is required. TR majors must have all required course work done before registering for internship. Limited to Recreation Majors only

REC 4600 Independent Study (3)

Individualized course that focuses on a specific area of study in Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation and/or Leisure.
Prerequisites:  a minimum of 24 credits in the Recreation Major. Declared Recreation Major. 2.5 GPA requirement. Permission of Program Coordinator required.

REC 4700 Recreation in Hotels and Resorts                                                      (3)

Recreation administration services, practices, and problem areas concerning quality leisure activities and experiences in commercial enterprises. Characteristics of successful facilities, their patterns of recreation programming and use of equipment and supplies will be examined. A consideration of growth patterns and trends will be emphasized.

REC 4900 Recreation Leadership Skills (3)

Principles, procedures and techniques for effective leadership in a variety of recreation and therapeutic recreation organizations and setting. Areas covered include group development and leadership, ethics, motivation, problem solving and teaching techniques.

REC 4903 Senior Seminar-Problem Solving (3)

The course prepares students for transition into professional life. Students read and evaluate current research in the field; identify and discuss current problems, trends and developments; meet with current professionals; discuss codes of ethics and prepare an employment portfolio. Course is done in class and on line.
Prerequisites: Must have completed a minimum of 30 credits in the major. Permission of the Program Coordinator Required.


ID 1010    Leisure in a Multicultural Society                  (3)

Course examines current trends in the growing areas of discretionary spending, changing lifestyles and leisure patterns for various social groups. Emphasis is on cultural values and motivating forces used in the selection of leisure activities experienced today.


The Recreation Administration Program also coordinates one collateral program. Specific information on these programs is located in the collateral section of the catalogue. These collaterals are interdisciplinary and may be taken at the same time as the academic major or as an additional program. (See Index)

Collateral in Gerontology 

This program enables the student or practitioner to enhance skills and knowledge for career ladder placement or beginning level positions in the older adult/geriatric service delivery system. 
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