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Outcomes and Testimonials

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Public Administration

Outcomes and Testimonials

Do you want to help others and make the world a better place?

Do you aspire to serve the public in your career? Do you want to have a direct impact on your local, state, and federal government to make them work better and smarter? Do you want to engage with your local and even global communities by working in or with nonprofit or international organizations? Do you envision yourself a future leader who will solve social problems and bring change to the world? Are you currently working in or do you want to be a manager in the public or nonprofit sector, including health services administration?

The Public Administration degree is designed to help prepare you for a management career in public service.  A Public Administration degree prepares students who intend to serve the public in their career by developing their management skills and leadership qualities.

By studying public administration, as a major or minor, you will develop your ability to lead and manage in public and non-profit organizations; learn how to participate in the public policy process; analyze and solve social problems; understand and share public service perspectives; and learn how to lead and manage in a diverse and changing work environment.

Placement of Graduates

Employment Statistics Graduates of 2015 (Total responses: 20)
National or central government 5%
State, provincial or regional government 10%
City, County, or other local government 35%
Nonprofit domestic-oriented 10%
Nonprofit/NGOs internationally-oriented 10%
Private Sector – Research/Consulting 5%
Private Sector but not research/consulting 10%
Military 5%
Obtaining further education 10%

Jobs held by Kean MPA Alumni

Institution Position
Pratt University VP for Institutional Advancement
City of Elizabeth Mayor
Borough of Roselle Borough Administrator
City of Asbury Park City Manager
Township of Eavesham Township Manager
Borough of Princeton City Administrator
Borough of Kenilworth Chief Municipal Financial Officer)
Brain Injury Alliance of NJ Director of Advocacy & Public Affairs
New Jersey Assembly State Assemblyman
Barnabas Health NJ Regional Director Radiation Oncology Services
Newark Housing Authority Chief Operating Officer
Arch Service Agency Managing Director
Kean University Associate Budget Director
Township of Aberdeen Township Manager
Windsor Healthcare Communities Administrator
Orange Housing Authority Chief Executive Officer
North Carolina State University Associate Professor / Former Chair
for Commission on Peer Review Accreditation ( COPRA )
Montclair State University Director of Student Services
Keansburg Township City Administrator


“The professors were able to offer their hands on experience while engaging the students in their individual work situations, creating a unique level of achieved success for all.”

Nicole DiRado Union County Deputy Clerk, Kean MPA’05

“The highlight of the Spring 2016 semester was participating in the International NASPAA Student Global Warming Simulation Competition meant a great deal to me as I left…

Alicia-Ann Caesar Kean MPA Student, 2016

Kean University was my school of choice because it offers all the required courses that I feel will better serve in my job, and will also allow me to become a more well-rounded leader.”

Janet AbrahamsKean MPA’15

“My classes at Kean, my experience in student government and my current job responsibilities are definitely preparing me to pursue such a career. To those students …”

Robert StanleyKean MPA Student, 2015

“The Public Administration program at Kean provided just the right tools to refine my skills, allowing me to catapult my career to the next level …”

Lisa MacGregor-Kaplan MPA’13

“In May 2014, I graduated the BA/MPA Honors Program and headed straight in to the MPA graduate program to finish what I started …"

Leonard Grayson Kean MPA’15

“I believe the MPA program has really helped and prepared me for this new career path that I am currently on. This program has given me an understanding of…”

Daniel Anthony Kean MPA Student, 2015

“Kean University was my school of choice because it offers all the required courses that I feel will better serve in my job, and …”

Janet Abrahams Kean MPA’15

The Kean MPA program provided me with the tools necessary to meet the always changing and dynamic field of public sector management.”

Joseph R. DeIorio (MPA’93), Municipal Administrator/CFO, Borough of Manasquan, NJ

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