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School of Management and Marketing



The essence of Management is how to best utilize the various (human, physical, financial, and intangible) resources in order to implement effective strategies that capitalize on opportunities and internal strengths while defending against threats. 

The Management program at Kean University seeks to provide a student-centered learning environment, designed to support the intellectual, cultural, and personal growth of our students.  Our primary objective is to prepare students for leadership roles in local, national, and global organizations by applying technical, human, conceptual, and strategic skills.

Our programs prepare students to be capable of managing people and resources in environments characterized by rapid changes in technologies, increasing global competition, shifts in demographics, and changing social, economic, and political contexts.  It also emphasizes students' social responsibilities and the need to serve as active and contributing leaders of their communities.  Students acquire core competencies in innovation, dealing with change, probing for global opportunities, and developing creative solutions to operational challenges.

In addition to the General Business Program, Management Programs at Kean include options in Global Business, Supply Chain and Information Management and Management of Organizations.

Career Paths

The management programs empower students to pursue career opportunities in a broad range of fields including administration, human resource management, international trade and business, information systems, financial management, purchasing, supply chain management and logistics, labor relations, production management, hospitality industry, medical and health services managers, property and construction management, real estate management, business analysis and consulting, entrepreneurial ventures, small business management, health-care management, educational leadership, and non profit/institutional administration.


Options: EntrepreneurshipGeneral Business; Human Resources Management; and Supply Chain and Information Management.


Minor in Management

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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