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P-3 Alternate Route Pre-service Workshop at Kean University

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Alternate Route Pre-service Workshop at Kean University

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Bridge Course:  Upgrading your P-3 24-Hour Certificate

Do you need to upgrade your P-3 24-Hour Certificate to a 50-Hour Certificate? This bridge program is designed for participants who have completed the P-3 24-hour workshop (at Kean University) and wish to upgrade to a 50-hour certificate. You will earn the additional 26 hours needed by conducting a 20-hour field experience; preparing and delivering a lesson plan; writing a field experience reflection, and keeping an activity log. If you take this program, you are expected to enroll in Kean's Alternate Route Program.  This is not a stand-alone programThere is no fee for the Bridge Program (Kean University Students only).  If you hold a provisional license, you do not need to take the Bridge Program.


50-Hour Pre-Service Workshop -- COST $350

Requirements: Bachelor's Degree, CE, 3.0 GPA (If you graduated prior to 2016--GPA of 2.75.)

Introduction to teaching:  This is a zero credit (fee-based) course. Thirty hours of the program are completed as a face-to-face instructional course.  Topics for the 50-hour pre-service program may be presented through lectures, webinars, and blackboard. The 30-hour component of this program will take place over two consecutive weekends. The topics covered during the instructional time include:

            • Classroom Management

            • Lesson Planning

            • Assessment

            • Working with Diverse Learners

            • Professional Dispositions

            • Introduction to edTPA

            • Review of Licensing for Alternate Route

            • NJ Professional Standards

            • Literacy Instruction

            • History of Education

            • Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

            • Differentiated Instruction

            • Cooperative Learning

            • Home Schooling

            • Teaching Tolerance

            • HIB

            • PBSIS

            • Technology

            • Intake Teacher Readiness Questionnaire

 Additionally, all candidates will complete a 20-hour clinical experience which will be composed of 10 hours of structured academic tutoring (1-1 direct instruction or small group instruction) and 10 hours placed in a Kean PDS assigned to a cooperating teacher providing direct instruction to small groups and co-teaching when appropriate.  You may only participate in the 50-Hour Program if you intend to participate in Kean University's Alternate Route Program. To register for the 50 Hour Workshop, click on the registration form to the right.

For further information, please contact Liz Satchell:

Click on the following link for required courses for P-3 Alternate Route Program:

For additional information, click on the links below:

Click on this link to see new requirements for Teacher Preparation Program Entry and Teacher Certification N.J.A.C. 6A: 9-8.1(a) and 6A: 9-10.1(d, g)


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