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Alternate Route Pre-service Workshop at Kean University

Payment Info

Registration Information

Payment: The cost of the workshop is $250.00.  Please make your $250 money order out to “Kean University” and in the memo section write "AR 24h [workshop date]."  Your money order must have your name and address on it.  At this point we are only accepting money orders.

Mail your payment to:

Kean University
Elizabeth Satchell
College of Education, HH Room 442
1000 Morris Avenue
UNION NJ 07083-0411

PLEASE NOTE: The $250 is NOT refundable--you may be able to transfer the fee to a future date, but your money will NOT be returned. Please notify us at least 4 days before your scheduled workshop if you would like to reschedule.

Location:  Workshop location will be sent via email prior to the workshop date.  Directions to Kean University can be found here.

Observation Letter:  After you are registered, be sure to download the observation guidelines and verification letter found here.  Observation should be specific to your area of desired certification.  You will not receive a certificate of completion for the workshop until the letter has been signed by a school administrator (principal or vice-principal) and returned to the instructors on the Friday evening of your workshop. 

General Information:  Dress comfortably and bring a snack on Friday evening, as no food break is scheduled.  An hour lunch is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend that you complete your field observation prior to attending the workshop. 

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Please note:  We are experiencing problems which will not allow registration for the workshop for K-6/K-12 scheduled for January 20-23. If the problems persist over the next couple of days, please contact Liz Satchell (908-737-3880).  She will be able to register you manually.  Please accept our apologies for any convenience.

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