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The B.A in Recreation Administration affords students the opportunity to pursue a career as a recreation professional in therapeutic recreation, community, commercial, and hospitality and sports settings. Students in this program may select one of three options: Commercial, Community, or Therapeutic Recreation. Graduates work with such job titles as Recreation Therapist, Activities Director, Recreation Director, Coordinator, Supervisor, and Superintendent of Recreation and Parks and Sports or Hospitality Facility Manager. Positions in Therapeutic Recreation are commonly found in physical rehabilitation departments, pediatric hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and psychiatric facilites, treatment centers, adult day care centers and home based services.

Community recreation positions may be found in municipal and county and federal government agencies, nonprofit youth serving organizations, senior centers and retirement communities. Commercial recreation positions may be found in theme parks, resorts, golf courses, event management organizations and sports facilities. This program prepares majors for certification as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP), and/or Certified New Jersey Recreation Administrator or Supervisor. The Therapeutic Recreation Option is also an approved undergraduate degree program for students wishing to apply for the BA/MS in Occupational Therapy Track. Students must have a 2.5 GPA to be accepted into and graduate from the Recreation Administration program.

B.A Degree in Recreation Administration 124 S.H

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