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The English Major

The English major offers study in writing, linguistics, and literature (including foreign literature in English translation). It also includes opportunities for internships in publishing, professional writing, and journalism. The major is designed to provide a basis for a number of career paths: for graduate study in English, law, or journalism; for secondary school teaching; and for communications-oriented careers in business, the arts, and the community. 

NOTE: College Composition (any version or equivalent) is a prerequisite for all ENG 2000, 3000, and 4000 level courses. English 2403, World Literature, is a prerequisite for all 2000, 3000, and 4000 level Literature courses.

The English Minor

The English minor allows students to design their own English programs in order to complement their primary majors or interests.

Required Course
ENG 2000 Writing about Literature 3
Electives 15 Credits

Five courses selected with advisement. At least two must be on the 3000-4000 level. No more than two courses transferred from another institution can be used. ENG 1030: College Composition (or its equivalent) and ENG 2403: World Literature, which are General Education Foundations requirements, cannot count toward the minor. ENGLISH COURSES  Note: ENG 1030 (Composition) or its equivalent, is a prerequisite for all ENG 2000, 3000, and 4000 level courses. ENG 2403 (World Literature) or its equivalent is a prerequisite for all 2000, 3000, and 4000 level Literature courses.

Please contact the School of English Studies office to arrange to speak with a faculty advisor.


The School’s faculty includes widely-published scholars and creative writers with degrees from such prominent institutions as Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Oxford, New York University, and the University of Wisconsin. The faculty is also noted as distinguished teachers with a preference for interactive instruction, student participation and personal mentoring.

Full-time Faculty
Jan Balakian
CAS 322 
T: 908-737-0374
Jeffrey Beck
Dean, Nathan Weiss Graduate College
EC 211
T: 908-737-5900
Dean Casale
Associate Professor
CAS 333 
T: 908-737-0379
James Connor
CAS 330 
T: 908-737-0381 

Sarah Ducksworth
CAS 319
T: 908-737-0382

Daniel Gover
CAS 327
T: 908-737-0386
Ruth Griffith
Associate Professor
CAS 317
T: 908-737-0387
John Cullen Gruesser
CAS 332 
T: 908-737-0388 
Nira Gupta-Casale
Associate Professor
Assistant Chair
CAS 323 
T: 908-737-0389
Richard Katz
Associate Professor
CAS 433
T: 908-737-0390
Charles Nelson
Associate Professor
Assistant Chair
CAS 318
T: 908-737-0393

Susanna Rich
CAS 325
T: 908-737-0395

Maria (Mia) Christine Zamora
Associate Professor
Coordinator of World Literature
CAS 329
T: 908-737-0385

Activities and Organizations

Extracurricular life as an English major is rich and extensive. The School of English Studies sponsors the honor society Sigma Tau Delta and other groups which help organize such activities as theater trips to New York, student symposiums, and visits by distinguished writers. Outlets for student writing are readily available through Creation Space, a student literary magazine and website sponsored by the School of English Studies.

  • Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society: Sigma Tau Delta's central purpose is to confer distinction for achievement in all areas of the English discipline while promoting high standards in character and fellowship among members.
  • Creation Space Literary Magazine: Creation Space is a way for students to channel their creative works such as their poetry, prose and art throughout the university. It is an annual literary magazine that is available in the English Department and the Fine Arts Department. The magazine is also available to read online. 

Scholarships and Internships


The School of English Studies routinely offers internships in publishing and journalism, as well as honors courses and opportunities for independent study on an advanced level. 

Stephen J. Haselton Memorial Endowment For Excellence in Scholarship in the Senior Seminar:  A Student Award

Deadline: February 1

The Stephen J. Haselton Memorial Endowment was established by a $50,000 gift to the Department of English from the Haselton children. This award, a minimum of $2000 total for either one or two students, is given for exceptional written work in the Senior Seminar, the Department’s capstone course. This award is managed by the Department of English. The process for recommending students is as follows:

  • Senior Seminar faculty from Spring, Summer, and Fall should forward the names of eligible qualified students, along with the titles of their written work and seminar section/term to Dr. Nelson, no later than February 1.

  • Students who wish to apply should submit the following items in a folder clearly marked with  their names to Dr. Nelson, CAS 301, no later than February 1.

    • A general information page with contact information

    • A KeanWise transcript

    • The Senior Seminar paper

General Timeline for the Application and Selection Process

  • February 2: Names of eligible, qualified students forwarded to Dr. Best
  • February 28: Deadline for submitting application folders
  • April 5: Recipient(s) identified
  • April 15: Awards announced

McDonnell-Millard College Composition Awards

Deadline: February 1

The McDonnell-Millard family established an endowment for the English Department on behalf of Mary Kaye McDonnell-Millard. Mary Kaye was the first in a series of tenure-track hires into our College Composition program. Sadly, shortly after joining our community, Mary Kaye passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.  The endowment was created by her family and friends to honor her passion for the teaching of writing and her dedication and contributions to the College Composition Program at Kean University.

This endowment funds one Faculty and three Student awards:

  • The Teaching Excellence Award: Awarded to Composition Professors for outstanding teaching and service to the program

  • The Distinguished Student Writing Award: First, Second and Third Place Prizes are awarded to students for an outstanding essay written in their First-Year College Composition course  

These awards are given by the Department of English.  For more information, please contact Dr. Maria Montaperto via phone (908-737-0368) or email (

General Timeline for the Application and Selection Process

  • February 2: Names of eligible, qualified students forwarded to Dr. Best
  • February 28: Deadline for submitting application folders
  • April 5: Recipient(s) identified
  • April 15: Awards announced

Scholarships for Any Major

Kean University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. For more information, please visit the webpage below:


The English major offers opportunities for internships in publishing, professional writing, and journalism. Interning is highly encouraged. Please contact the School of English Studies' office to arrange to work with the Internship Coordinator. The Internship Coordinator will help you identify an appropriate Internship before the semester begins. The internship must include a well-defined project that furthers a student’s professional and educational goals, while also addressing the needs of the respective institution. 

The Internship in English provides the participant with professional hands-on experience at an institution whose purposes and activities are related to their interests, career and otherwise.  An Internship also helps establish and build upon a network of professional contacts.  The internship should encourage application of ideas, skills, and techniques learned in the classroom.  Just as important, the internship can help to define a participant’s career goals.  Teacher candidates, for example, have found that the Internship greatly aids in gaining their first professional position due to the practical experiences gained through work with school groups, which are highly valued by school systems.

Find an Internship

Search internship opportunities with CCN's Intern Central® national internship board. Intern Central includes internships from tens of thousands of unique sources, comprising all of the major job boards as well as newspapers, associations, and company Web sites. You may view and apply to all internships posted on CCN's Intern Central. 

Help! Resume Writing and Interviewing

For career counseling services such as resume writing and internship interviewing, visit Kean University's Career Development and Advancement Program.

English Immersion International Institute (formerly E.S.L.)

Center for Academic Success
CAS 302A
T: 908-737-0422

Enrollment in ESL courses and ENG 1202, 1203, 1300, and 1430 is limited to students whose native language is not English. There are special requirements and restrictions related to these courses and their application to the baccalaureate degree. See the Academic Standards and Procedures section of this catalog for information on the English as a Second Language Program. 

All courses with ESL designations are graded on pass/fail basis only. Credit earned for these courses does not fulfill degree requirements. 

All core courses are six credits and are taken sequentially based on initial placement.

Sections designated as “L” sections within the English Department and General Education courses are taught by ESL specialists. These courses include ENG 2403, ENG 3090, and GE 2026. Credits earned for these courses fulfill degree requirements.

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