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General Studies Mission and SLOs

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School of General Studies

General Studies Mission and SLOs

General Studies Mission and SLOs

School of General Studies Mission

The mission of the School of General Studies is to develop students’ knowledge, skills and values acquisition to improve their academic success. The school will strategically implement and assess the General Education Program and its curriculum to support students in completing their degree requirements. The school will collaborate with programs that address academic and non-academic issues affecting student retention and integration into the university community.

The General Education Program will build knowledge of diverse cultures and historical references through the arts, literature, humanities and social sciences. Furthermore, students will have command of the scientific method as an important mode of inquiry.

The General Education Program will develop practical skills including proficiency in communication in both oral and written forms. In addition, skill proficiency is expected in quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, reading comprehension and information literacy.

The General Education Program will instill students with a distinct set of values. These values include ethical & social responsibility, contributing as active members and leaders to the community through civic & social engagement, and showing respect for diverse communities and perspectives.

The School of General Studies will provide support to first-year students, through experiences that acculturate students to the academic, social and emotional demands of college and modeling behavior designed to ensure retention, successful degree completion, and graduation.

The School of General Studies is committed to creating a sustainable culture of assessment dedicated to advancing Kean University’s mission of access and excellence. The School of General Studies will provide leadership for the planning and implementation of assessment, student-learning outcomes and faculty/staff-related training.

University Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Think critically, creatively and globally;

  2. Adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments;

  3. Serve as active and contributing members of their communities; and

  4. Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines (GE) and enhance their skills in professional areas.

General Education Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) as of Fall 2015 (aligned with Kean University Student Learning Outcomes)

* KU Student Outcomes: Kean University graduates should be able to:

Content (Liberal Arts)

1. Transdisciplinary

The ability to integrate knowledge and methods from different fields to address historical or contemporary questions.

Building Habits of Mind

2. Critical Thinking

The ability to utilize reflective analysis to draw informed conclusions.

3. Quantitative Literacy

The ability to utilize numerical data accurately and effectively to address real world problems.

4. Communication Literacies

The ability to speak and write effectively to convey and make an evidence-based argument.

5. Information and Technology Literacy

The ability to utilize information and communications technology critically and effectively in a rapidly changing world. 


6. Active Citizenship

A commitment to lifelong civic engagement at a local, national and/or global level.

7. Ethical Judgment and Integrity

The ability to draw reasonable conclusions from ethical questions to guide personal conduct. 

8. Diversity

A commitment to promote inclusivity in a diverse world. 

Previous General Education Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) before Fall 2015 (aligned with Kean University Student Learning Outcomes)

Student Learning Outcomes – Knowledge

Students will demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and content by:

(GEK1) applying the scientific method to understand natural concepts and processes (KU1,2,4)

(GEK2) evaluating major theories and concepts in social sciences (KU1,2,4)

(GEK3) relating literature to historical context (KU 1,2,4)

(GEK4) evaluating major theories and concepts in the fine arts (KU1,2,4)

Student Learning Outcomes – Skills

Students will demonstrate the skills and technology necessary to:

(GES1) write to communicate and clarify learning (KU1,4)

(GES2) communicate effectively through speech (KU1,4)

(GES3) solve problems using quantitative reasoning (KU1,4)

(GES4) think critically about concepts in multiple disciplines (KU1,2,4)

(GES5) demonstrate information literacy (KU1,2,4)

Student Learning Outcomes – Values

Students will exhibit a set of values that demonstrates:

(GEV1) personal responsibility (KU2,3)

(GEV2) ethical and social responsibility (KU2,3)

(GEV3) social and civic engagement (KU2,3)

(GEV4) respect for diverse cultures and perspectives (KU1,2,3)

(GE V5) life-long learning (KU 1,2,3,4)

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