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School of Social Sciences

agency ~ advocacy ~ policy

Today’s pressing social issues require an impact-oriented approach to help us understand terrorism, global security, fundamentalism, collaborative frameworks , ableism,  sustainability, sexism and classism, climate change, sexual identity,  the digital world, and living in cities . The Master’s in Sociology and Social Justice at Kean University provides  a conceptual approach to the social justice issues of today with an applied set of skills to assess and develop actions and policy towards change. A master’s degree in Sociology and Social Justice is an important step for continued work satisfaction and to open opportunities to continue towards a  We offer a conceptually rich and innovative professional and applied  to social action and engagement including entrepreneurial, non profit, policy, and organizational models.

"Demonstrate the importance of critical thinking, critical pedagogy, and critical social theory to develop autonomous, self-reflective and socially responsible qualities."

We prepare our students to apply the sociological imagination to critically understand and affect social change based on the development of rigorous conceptual approaches and strong research skills.

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