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The Sociology Program at Kean University has several related goals. As a major program within a highly diverse university, the Sociology faculty is devoted to instilling in its students the sociological imagination as a way of understanding the relationship between their personal lives and the history of their world. As such, we are devoted to academic rigor, critical thought, teaching excellence and ethical scholarship.

As a department, we seek to inspire in our students a commitment to democracy and firm principles of egalitarianism that will prepare them for graduate work and positions in research, teaching, public service, business, and anywhere else where they may serve as agents of social change. We aim to develop in our students an awareness of the effects of social structures and social forces on human lives, organizations and groups. We further emphasize the importance of respecting diversity and promoting social justice in a pluralistic society. In summary, we are committed to helping our students become critically active and informed members of their communities, their societies and their world.

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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