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Transition to Kean


Student Learning Outcomes - Values

  1. Active Citizenship – a commitment to lifelong civic engagement at a local, national and /or global level.

  2. Diversity – a commitment to promote inclusivity in a diverse world. 


This course is designed to help prepare students for life as a college student.  It is also designed to help students adjust to the rigors of college life.  The goals for the course are:

A)  To help students set short and long term goals and provide motivation for their success culminating in their graduation.        

B)  To improve students' existing strengths and help them recognize/identify weaknesses that need to be strengthened.

C)  To improve students' learning process and skills by helping them acquire basic tools.

D)  To help students develop the necessary time management and study skills needed to succeed in college.

E)  To promote students' awareness of the Kean campus community and create a sense of inclusion and belonging for the students in this community.

F)  To foster students' involvement and participation in the campus clubs, organizations, facilities, programming and activities which make Kean University a community.

G)  To provide students with academic advisement resources; to foster a connection between students and their academic advisor to assist with building their course schedules and planning for graduation.

H) To provide resources, workshops, and activities that will promote career and major exploration.

I)  To provide mentorship for students' academic success and teach them about academic policies.

J)  To familiarize students with the General Education program and make them aware of the academic requirements they need to fulfill for graduation. 

K)  To meet people, make friends, and appreciate the rich diversity of students and faculty while building relationships locally and globally.

L)  To help improve students' information literacy skills, explore personal and life goals, and cultivate professional readiness to a level necessary for college success and thereafter.


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