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Office of Africana Studies


The Office of Africana Studies offers an 18 credit Academic Minor program. This program is an interdisciplinary approach to the experiences of African peoples throughout the world, which can be taken in conjunction with any major academic curriculum. In our multicultural society, a program such as this is beneficial to educators, counselors, social workers, managers, business owners and many other professions. The program utilizes an African-centric perspective to understand the economies, history, culture, education, politics, philosophies, aspirations, achievements of peoples of African descent in Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and elsewhere. The program can be taken in conjunction with every academic major.

To fulfill the 18 credit requirement for the collateral, students take nine credits from each area:
-Group I/ Required
-Group II/ Electives

Interested students should contact the Office of Africana Studies located in Hutchinson room 103 S & T by calling (908) 737-3915 for advisement.

In addition to the University's admission requirements
-Departmental interview

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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