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Office of Africana Studies


Since its inception in 1987, the Office of Africana Studies has set out to provide an intellectual forum in which students learn to examine, analyze, critique, and interpret the traditions, culture, and dynamics of African peoples and, by extension, develop a greater understanding of humankind. It is affiliated with the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies at Kean university as an academic and programmatic entity. The Office has a vibrant presence on campus and is connected to various African student groups. It hosts an annual guest speaker series, a study abroad class, and the spectacular African heritage graduation ceremony. 

Africana Studies is for anyone interested in the histories, ideas, and experiences related to Africa and its people throughout the world. In our multicultural society, knowledge about Africa is beneficial to educators, counselors, social workers, managers, business owners and many other professions. 

Africana Studies Minor

The minor in Africana Studies at Kean University is an 18 credit interdisciplinary program that can be taken in conjunction with any major academic curriculum. This program is for anyone interested in the histories, ideas, and experiences related to Africa and its people, wherever they are in the world. A minor in Africana Studies helps students develop critical thinking and analytical skills that are marketable in the professional world. Graduates with an Africana Studies background are well prepared for graduate school or they can find employment in government, Foreign Service, international development agencies, international consultancies, and human service organizations–especially those working with immigrant communities. 

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