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Asian Studies


Current Students

Justine Johnson
I am a current Asian Studies student double majored in Global Business and Asian Studies. I currently work in the Asian Studies program office. I enjoy everything about Asian culture because I am half Chinese. I plan to go to China in the future to see things I didn't get to see before. I enjoy learning about my culture and seeing more and understanding how complex Chinese and Asian Studies really is.

Matice Savage
I am currently a student at Kean University majoring in Asian Studies. I aspire for being an interpreter for Chinese and various other languages. My dream is to travel the world to visit places I never thought I would see.

Ai Hui
The reason that I joined Asian Studies was to further explore and inform myself about the values of Asian culture. For me, it seemed to be some form of grand opportunity, and it still continues to present as an opportunity for me. I am immensely happy that I managed to discover a department that allows its students to delve into the subject matters in which they are deeply interested, as well as present them with the sort of opportunities, both academically and personally, to grow. I treasure all of the experiences this program to has afforded me thus far, and I greatly look forward to the amazing things I will achieve as I proceed to be involved. I wonder with every new chance that comes my way, "What new adventure will be next?”

Charles Nelson
I plan to major in Asian Studies and minor in Marketing and Chinese Studies. Since I intend to be translating Japanese, it is imperative to understand the Asian culture, and that is exactly what this program allows me to do. Understanding a culture is key to understanding the usage of the language, and thus I joined the program for that purpose.

Georgette Carter-Nobles
The reason why I joined Asian Studies is because I wanted to continue to learn about the Asian culture. My plan is to become a Chinese translator. In order to fulfill this, I want to learn more about Asian culture. I also want to see all the possibilities globally and experience them.

James Lam
Currently an Asian Studies and English Writing major, as well as a Computer Science minor, James Lam has taken multiple Chinese language courses, and is most fond with the beautifully written and spoken language of Chinese.

As a career, James hopes to find something that includes many factors in both his majors and minor and that will expose him to more Asian culture and experiences.

Being half Chinese and becoming very fond of Chinese music in my late High School years, I was encouraged to take courses in Chinese language starting college. I enjoyed it right away. The music and artists that I've listened to had pushed me to improve my writing capabilities, creatively and linguistically. Taking language courses in Chinese helped me broaden my view on its culture and history, and has led me to learn different things about other Asian cultures and histories. I was encouraged by Dr. Kong during my second semester at Kean University to study abroad in China. Having done so years later, I came back to the U.S. with much more knowledge than I thought I could possibly have. The Asian Studies department had given me opportunity and opportunity again to further my experience with Asian culture, some being hands-on.


Joseph Tingle
Joseph Tingle is an alumni of Kean University's class of 2010. While Joseph majored in English, his passion for Asian culture and history eventually led him to the pursuit of a minor in Asian Studies.

After graduating from Kean, Joseph received a research studentship to study in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Hong Kong Baptist University. There, Joseph had the opportunity to meet sinologist from around the world, and was able to personally conference with students across Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

Craig Judge
Craig Judge is an alumni of Kean University's class of 2013. Initially a History major, he took up a second major in Asian Studies. Now living in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, Craig is working as an English teacher, hoping to better his spoken Chinese. Particularly, Craig had interest in Chinese relations with the world, in ancient China to the Qing dynasty onward. He hopes to return to the U.S. and pursue further education and receive a Ph.D. in Chinese-Russian or Chines-East Asian relations and the history behind them. If it were not for the Asian Studies and History department, he would not have aspired to teach English in China.

It was in the Spring semester of 2011 when I went to a meeting on next year's History classes that I heard Dr. Kong mention a double major option for Asian Studies and History and that has lead me to where I am today. I also must thank all of my History and Asian Studies professors because I found each class entertaining and they've helped me intellectually, even those not dealing with Asian history. But, I think the class that shaped me the most towards my current goal was my Genocide in Asia course which helped gear me towards my final paper I wrote for my Asian Studies independent study. I also thank Kean University for offering me the chance to go to China the first time to study in Wenzhou University and that is an experience I will never forget. I also must thank 3 professors who really helped me along the way, Prof. Gronewold, whose classes I thoroughly enjoyed and lead me to where I am, Prof. Kong who introduced me to the Asian Studies program and was my Chinese Language teacher for the first year and encouraged me to go further and go back to China, and Prof. Yun who was my second year Chinese teacher helped me find my current job in Jilin University and who I am grateful towards for helping me get here.

Hector Santiago
I am a graduating senior at Kean and an Asian Studies major. My career focus is in International Education. I enjoy teaching and opening student's minds to new things, especially culture. I studies abroad in Japan during the Fall 2012 semester. It was a life changing experience and has pushed me to become more involved in promoting study abroad and international education. I applied for the JET Program and, if accepted, I will be moving to Japan in August 2014 to work and live for a few years.

The Asian Studies program has provided me with such a great learning experience, as well as a flexible, low-stress environment. Being able to use my experience and passion to promote international education, the Asian Studies program and reach out to other students on campus has reaffirmed my career goals and has motivated me to continue learning once I leave Kean.

Erik Supardi

When I started my education at Kean I knew that I wanted to learn Chinese to go along with a B.S. in International Business Management. I wanted to work and live in Eastern Asia and was readying myself for that career path. My inspiration to travel was my father. He was born in Indonesia and is the first and only one of his siblings to get a degree from an American university. To afford such an achievement, he worked on a cruise ship for two years and went around the world twice! I still have a lot of catching up to do. I was one of the students that was part of the Wenzhou study abroad program. I stayed for two semesters and it gave me a chance to see what it would be like to stay in another country for an extended period of time. It was an amazing experience, an experience I feel every college student should have, especially Asian Studies majors. I have gained insight to the current mindset and little subtle things that no textbook or language teaching apparatus could match. I hope to have a career in one of the Fortune 500 companies. I would want to be stationed and working at a branch in China or Indonesia.

The Asian department has been so kind and understanding. They helped me out the summer before my Wenzhou study abroad to brush up on my mandarin and worked with me to figure out what classes would be the best for me. I really appreciate the effort that they make to try to expose Chinese culture at Kean. I hope I still can contribute to the department even being an alumni and to share my experiences.

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