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Chinese Studies

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Chinese Studies


Chinese Studies at Kean University offers students a stimulating opportunity to learn about Chinese language, culture, politics, and global influence.  As part of the Chinese Student Group students can join language conversation sessions, enjoy the cultural festival celebrations on campus, participate in the China in the World conference, and study abroad at Wenzhou Kean University—at no additional cost. Students can take an 18-credit interdisciplinary minor in Asian Studies in conjunction with their academic major. More information

Why Chinese Studies?

  • Studying Chinese will widen your vision and inspire IMAGINATION.
  • Increase your language skillset and gain a competitive EDGE
  • Gain an INFORMED perspective on global affairs
  • Develop your general EXPERTISE in Asia.
  • Increase your INTELLIGENCE and prepare to analyze the evolving relationships between China and the world.

Career Opportunities 

Graduates with an Asian Studies background are sought by many employers, including those in: 

  • Business and education organizations
  • Government and Foreign Affairs Departments
  • International Companies and Transnational Organizations
  • Libraries, Media Entities, and Museums
  • Nonprofits and Nongovernmental Organizations


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