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Latin American Studies

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Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies program offers a stimulating opportunity for students to broaden the scope of their studies by learning about the political and social history, economic development, arts, and cultural diversity of Latin America. Students at Kean University can minor in Latin American studies, improve their bilingual language skills, and participate in the numerous vibrant student groups representing cultures and nationalities from across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The diverse and international faculty and students affiliated with Latin American Studies conduct distinguished research and teaching on issues pertinent to the region and the world such as: narco-trafficking, migration, democratic advancement, populism, regional inequality, and innovation.

Minor in Latin American Studies 

The minor in Latin American Studies at Kean University is an 18 credit interdisciplinary program that can be taken in conjunction with any major academic curriculum. Graduates with this academic background are well prepared for graduate school or the professional world because they possess bilingual language skills, critical thinking and analytical skills, and a globalist-oriented perspective to social problems.

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