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Faculty & Student Research

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College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences

Faculty & Student Research

Kean University is a leader in Undergraduate Research with both summer and academic year opportunities for research with faculty.   Our undergraduate students have presented at conference (local, national & international), published research papers and contributed to research innovation. 

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at Kean holds their annual Research Days in April each year. Here is a sampling from recent days representing the many posters presented from disciplines across our college.

The School of Nursing holds its Annual Nursing Research Symposium on the last Friday in April of every academic year. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a venue for graduating BSN and MSN students to present their work. All students are required to prepare either a poster (BSN capstone) or podium (MSN evidence based project or research) presentation for the symposium. There is always a keynote speaker to present on the symposium theme and set the tone for the day. The theme of the Symposium varies from year to year. Some recent symposium themes have been "Ethics, Nursing Research, and Culturally Diverse Populations" and "Interdisciplinary Action for Improved Patient Outcomes".                                   

A recent keynote speaker was Dr. Francs Reith Ward from the then, University of Medicine and Dentistry. She focused on the importance of ethics in research and maintaining ethical standards in working with all populations. The Symposium also serves the purpose of providing a reasonably priced source of continuing education for registered nurses in the region. All nurses in NJ are required to complete 30 hours of continuing education per license renewal period. The School of Nursing provides NJSNA approved continuing education contact hours for all RN's who attend.

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