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Medical Technology

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College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences

Medical Technology

This program can accommodate entering freshmen and transfer students from two or four-year institutions. The first two (preprofessional) years include general education requirements and basic courses in the sciences, mathematics and social sciences. The final two (professional) years include a sequence of courses and related clinical experiences in the professional area and advanced coursework in supporting disciplines. The curriculum has been designed to enable the graduate to meet the requirements for eligibility for national or state certification.

After completing the preprofessional requirements, students must apply for admission to the professional phase of the program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80 is required for application to the professional clinical phase. The number of students admitted to each program is limited by the availability of clinical placements, and the admissions process is selective. Students are advised to plan their coursework during the preprofessional two years in such a way that alternate majors are possible should they choose not to continue or should they not be admitted to the program of their choice.

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