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School of Natural Sciences

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Natural Sciences is to prepare students to have an explicit understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes, and to think critically and creatively so that they can adapt to changing social, economic and technological conditions as well as changes in the health care industry. Our external collaborations with K-12 schools, major technological and environmental corporations and the health care community provide valuable services to the community and important opportunities for our students. The School of Natural Sciences includes both resident and Kean/Ocean faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. We provide training and experiences within sixteen (16) resident programs; seven (7) joint programs in the Health-Related professions; and three (3) programs at Kean/Ocean." We are proud of our innovative approaches in the laboratory and our availability to students. In the laboratory and in the field, students learn in small groups directly with the faculty. We are well equipped to offer laboratory and field courses throughout the curriculum and offer a variety of upper-level courses in each area. Our mission is centered on a commitment to teaching and learning excellence in the natural and physical sciences.

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