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RN - B.S.N. Program

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School of Nursing



The RN to B.S.N. program is a transfer program for Registered Nurses ONLY.

As of fall 2016, we offer the RN-B.S.N program online.

The programs seeks to prepare Nurse Generalists to practice in a variety of settings and clinical situations.

Program of Study

Guide Sheet: RN-BSN-guidesheet.pdf

Course Descriptions: RN-BSN-course_descriptions.pdf

The program is composed of 125 credits that include 31-33 credits of General Education courses, 15-17 credits of Additional Required courses, 12 credits of Support courses, and 31 credits in Nursing. In addition, there are 2-6 credits of required free electives. These courses constitute the major in nursing at Kean and can be completed by most full-time students in four semesters. Most part-time students complete the program in three to four years.

General Education requirements (31-33 credits)
 Thirty one (31) to thirty three (33) credits in general education courses are required for graduation. General Education requirements are divided into Foundation Requirements (13 credits), Humanities (6 credits), Social Sciences (6 credits) and Science and Mathematics (8 credits).

Additional Required Courses (15-17 Credits)

There are fifteen to seventeen credits required:

  • PHIL 1100 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • SOC 1000 – Introduction to Sociology
  • MATH 1016 - Statistics
  • BIOX 2003 - Microbiology
  • CHEM 1030 - Essential of Chemistry

Support Courses (12 Credits)

There are five required support courses offered by other academic disciplines. Like the nursing courses, these are scheduled to enable students to attend either days or evenings. The support courses are:

  • SOC 2100 - Sociology of the Family
  • PSY 3110 - Life-Span Developmental Psychology
  • PHIL 3314 - Moral Problems in Health Care
  • HED 3635 - Introduction to Public Health

Nursing Courses (31 Credits)

A total of nine nursing courses make up the upper division nursing core. Four have a clinical component, and five are lecture/seminar courses. Nursing courses are offered both day and evening to accommodate varying work and lifestyle patterns.

Electives (2-6 Credits)

Additional coursework selected by the student.

Admission Requirements

Cumulative GPA of 2.0

Active New Jersey RN License

How to Apply

  • Fill out an electronic application through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Follow all instructions on the application about where to send all Transcripts. Have high school and all college transcripts sent to:
    • Kean University
    • Undergraduate Admission
    • 1000 Morris Ave
    • Union, NJ 07083
  • Await a letter of Admission to the University.
  • Upon receiving the Admission Letter, you will also receive a copy of your “Degree Audit”. It will indicate all the credits accepted and transferred from other colleges you have attended. If you have questions about your transfer credits contract the Registrar’s Office
  • Soon after, you will be assigned to a School of Nursing faculty advisor.
  • Please keep all admission and advisement papers pertaining to Kean University in a folder and bring this with you or have it available during all advisement meetings or email advisement sessions.

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