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Special Academic Facilities

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College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences

Special Academic Facilities

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The College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences has a number of unique facilities.  Many of these are dual -use, used as both teaching environments as well as methods of research . Follow the links to learn more about each of these environments.

Aerobic in-vessel Composter
Kean University Alumni Planetarium
Puma - 1040 core Supercomputer
CAVE ™ - 3-D Virtual Environment

Specialized Research Equipment:


  • Applied Biosystems / Hitachi 3130 Genetic Analyzer /Sequencer [photo]
  • Centrifuges
    • Beckman/Coulter Allegra 25R
    • Beckman/Coulter Allegra X-30R
    • Eppendorf 5702, 5424, 5418, 5415
    • Fisher Scientific accuSpin Micro 17
    • Sanyo – MSE Mistral 2000R
  • RT-PCRs
  • Hitachi S-2460N Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) [photo]
  • So-Low, Ultra-Low Freezer (-80°C), Quantity – 2 [photo]

Earth Science

  • Large scale plotter and scanner for map printing and scanning
  • Professional Mapping Software for map making and spatial analysis


  • MJ Research Opticon 1 Quantitative PCR Thermal Cycler
  • Multiple Endpoint PCR Thermal Cyclers
  • HACH 3900 Spectrophotometric System for Nutrient Analysis
  • ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer (DNA Sequence Analysis )

Marine Studies

  • Customized P-I (Photosynthesis- Irradiance) Analysis Equipment
  • Gradient thermocycler
  • D.O. Meter for BOD
  • Various Marine Abiotic measurement equipment

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