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This research environment was funded by a National Science Foundation award to Kean University.  Dr. George Chang and Dr. Patricia Morreale (Kean University Computer Science Faculty, serving as co-PI’s),  worked with Dr. David Joiner(PI) from the Center for Science and Technology on this grant.

Funded by a $593,820 grant from the National Science Foundation, the CAVE ™ an immersive virtual reality environment  is located on the fourth floor of the STEM building on the Liberty Hall Campus. By wearing special goggles, visitors can experience a 3D environment.  Research projects and classroom activities where 3-D simulation could enhance the ability to ‘dig deeper’ or ‘see further’ can benefit from this environment.

National Science Foundation Award Abstract:

For more information:
Dr. David Joiner, NJ Center for Science Technology & Math
STEM Building Rm 520D

Dr. George Chang, Dean, College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences
Bruce Hall Rm 103

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