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College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences


Puma - 1040 core Supercomputer

Photo of part of Puma computer- the Supercomputer at Kean University - cables connected to itPhoto of Puma - the Supercomputer at Kean University

This research computer was funded by a National Science Foundation award to Kean University.
Dr. David Joiner(PI) from the Center for Science and Technology and Dr. George Chang(Co-PI), Acting Dean, College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences worked together on this grant.

Computing Power: 11 teraflops

Individuals using the Kean Terascale Cluster(KTC) study a variety of topics. This 1040 core supercomputer can directly support research, mentoring interests of faculty, and allow the CSTME to expand its programs and research in computational mathematics and science to support its newly founded Computational Mathematics degree program.

This resource not only allows faculty to perform research, but also can support implementation of training programs for Kean University students and faculty, and for outreach programs throughout New Jersey.

There have been free workshops / week-trainings on campus for interested faculty and students.

National Science Foundation Award Abstract:

For More Information:
Dr. David Joiner, NJ Center for Science Technology & Math
STEM Building Rm 520D

Dr. George Chang, Dean, College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences
Bruce Hall Rm 103

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