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College of Natural, Applied, and Health Sciences


Undergraduate majors are offered in the following disciplines. Click on the discipline to see the degree type/options available.

Computer Science
Information Technology (Computer Science Department)
Earth Science
Mathematical Science
Medical Technology
Sustainability Science


B.A. in Biology

  • General Option
  • Teacher Certification Option
  • Pre-OT Option
  • Pre-PA Option
  • Pre-PT Option

B.S. in Biology

  • Cell & Molecular Option
  • Environmental Option
  • Health Professions Option

B.A. in Chemistry

  • General Option
  • Preprofessional Option
  • Teacher Certification Option
  • Technical Sales and Marketing Option

B.S. in Chemistry

  • ACS Certified Chemical Instrumentation Option
  • ACS Certified Expanded Option

B.S. in Computer Science

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science -Information Systems Option

B.S. in Information Technology (Computer Science Dept)

  • Information Technology

B.A. in Earth Science

  • General Option
  • Dual Certification Option (for Teachers of Students with Disabilities and K-12 Earth Science)
  • Teacher Certification Option K-12

B.S. in Earth Science

  • Geo-Science Option
  • Environmental Science Option

B.A. in Mathematical Sciences

  • General Option
  • Statistics Option
  • Teacher Certification Option
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities Option

B.S. in Medical Technology

  • General Option
  • Cytotechnology Option
  • Histotechnology Option

B.S.N. in Nursing

B.S. in Sustainability Science

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