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Fine Arts Education - Initial Teaching Certification (M.A.)

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Fine Arts Education - Initial Teaching Certification (M.A.)

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The Master of Arts in Fine Arts Education, Certification option, is an academically intensive program, designed for students who have undergraduate preparation and demonstrated competence in the studio arts and wish to se­cure New Jersey K-12 Teaching Certification in Art. The program’s philosophical approach is rooted in develop­mental psychology and supported by contemporary research in the field. This reading and writing intensive pro­gram prepares future educators to engage in conceptual thought and learning in the visual arts and to translate this understanding into an active and vivified classroom practice. To achieve this goal, students continue to develop a strong studio praxis which is augmented by an academic study of the psychological origins of artistic expression as they unfold within the growing individual. Admission to the program is by application and interview. All prospec­tive applicants are urged to contact the program coordinator as soon as possible* to discuss the course of studies and to ensure a timely placement in required fieldwork.

*Applicants aspiring to complete the program in two years are advised to interview with the program coordinator no later than April 30 for fall admission. Prospective students may interview prior to formally applying to the graduate college. Other applicants may interview before or after April 30th.

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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