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Fine Arts Education - Supervision (M.A.)

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Fine Arts Education - Supervision (M.A.)

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The Master of Arts in Fine Arts Education, Art Supervision option is designed for certified art teachers who desire additional educational background for career advancement as well as certification for supervisory positions in New Jersey school districts.  The program cultivates certified district art supervisors who have the potential to lead art teachers towards contemporary, democratic and dimensional forms of education for divergent populations of children and adolescents.  Specifically, this reading and writing intensive program seeks to foster art supervisors who are versed in contemporary research, understand the need for alternate methods of instruction, are knowledgeable about assessment of instruction, demonstrate strong organizational skills and are advocates of the arts as important venues leading to global intelligence.  The program requires future art administrators, through course studies, fieldwork, and the writing of a thesis, to become introspective observers of the dynamics of classrooms, schools, districts, and communities.  These developed insights are meant to serve the cultural, ethnic, and intellectually diversified needs of K-12 students and provide leadership through the professional development and supervision of arts teachers. 

It should be carefully noted that a strong level of proficiency in academic writing is important to each student’s admission into the program and also critical to the culminating activity involving research and authorship of a full scholarly thesis.  Candidates are generally required to take at least one teaching methods course to enrich their understandings about contemporary advancements of pedagogy in the field.  This course may be taken as part of the 33 required credits, depending upon the program coordinator’s assessment regarding the needs of each applicant.

Admission to the program is competitive and by application and interview.  Interested individuals are advised to interview with program coordinator prior to making admission to the Nathan Weiss Graduate School, in order to determine program suitability. 

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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