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Marriage and Family Therapy (Professional Diploma)

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Marriage and Family Therapy (Professional Diploma)

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The Marriage and Family Therapy Program is a 66 credit professional training program which is structured to satisfy the educational requirements for licensure as a marriage and family therapist in New Jersey. Students may enter the program with either a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree. All students who enter without an appropriate Master’s degree will earn the MA in Psychology, Psychological Services Specialization after successful completion of the first 33 credit hours of the program (which includes a research thesis). The program includes a two term internship that generally follows the marriage and family course work, but is largely free of other educational and professional demands. Students in the MFT program are required to complete a minimum of 500 client contact hours and 100 hours of face to face supervision during the course of their internship and practicum experience. Students will advance to the professional sequence of the Marriage and Family Therapy Professional Diploma Program only after the successful completion of a progress review.

Students entering with a Master’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work or an allied field must complete a minimum of 33 credits at Kean University. If applicants lack any of the foundation courses they may be required to complete additional courses beyond the minimum, as New Jersey licensure law requires specific competency areas. The curriculum is designed within the practitioner-scholar model, is devised to enable successful graduates to function as marriage and family therapists in a variety of settings. Through required course work, practicum and internship experiences, students are provided an opportunity to develop skills in assessment, interviewing and counseling with individuals, couples and families. The program stresses the need for marriage and family therapists to understand the varied religious, ethnic, cultural and national characteristics of their clientele.

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