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Public Speaking and Presentation Training (Post-Bac Certificate)

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Public Speaking and Presentation Training (Post-Bac Certificate)

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Since ancient times public speaking has been used as the medium to bring about change within organizations and community. Public presentations are one of the basic skills in the workplace and in the community. Salespersons are asked to sell products to groups; managers are called upon to motivate employees. Community organizers must recruit neighbors for civic engagement. Lobbyists and politicians rally support through speech for their causes. Friends call upon one another to share a toast at weddings, an appreciation at a retirement dinner, or a eulogy for a loved one at a funeral.

Kean University’s Post-Bac Certificate in Public Speaking and Presentation is specifically designed to offer practical opportunities for the professional to practice giving speeches while at the same time learning the theoretical principles that guide speech formation. Students will develop rhetorical critique skills by evaluating presentations of exemplar presentations from political, civic, religious, entertainment, and business leaders. At the same time they will have an opportunity to have their own work critiqued by communication scholars who have studied speech-giving and have been professional speakers.

Many people experience anxiety when asked to give a speech. Students will learn basic skills for coaching speakers and helping others to reduce anxiety and increase communication competence. They will learn to give constructive feedback that will enhance speaking and leadership skills. Learning speaking skills helps to build confidence. It helps a person to become more analytical of the communication that occurs in groups while becoming a better listener.

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